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                  Air Purifiers for Smoke

Remove Second Hand Tobacco Smoke, Prevent Disease & Breathe Cleaner Air in Your House with a Top-Rated Smoke Air Purifier. We Sell The Best Portable Smoke Eliminators with Quality HEPA & Activated Carbon Filters Designed to Totally Remove Smoke, Toxic Chemicals and Neutralize Odors Released By Cigars and Cigarettes, at Good Discount Prices with Free Shipping!

Rocky Mountain Clear Travel Air PurifierRocky Mountain Clear Travel Air Purifier
Airdog FitAir Mini HEPA Air Purifier SystemAirdog FitAir Mini HEPA Air Purifier System
Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air PurifierBlueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier
Amaircare Roomaid Air CleanerAmaircare Roomaid Air Cleaner                                                                   
Amaircare Roomaid Mini Air CleanerAmaircare Roomaid Mini Air Cleaner                                                                   
Airdog V5 Filterless Car Air PurifierAirdog V5 Filterless Car Air Purifier
Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air PurifierWinix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier
Blueair Blue Pure 211 Plus Air PurifierBlueair Blue Pure 211 Plus Air Purifier
AllerAir AirMed 1 ExecAllerAir AirMed 1 Exec
AllerAir AirMed 1 VocarbAllerAir AirMed 1 Vocarb
Blueair Sense + Air PurifierBlueair Sense + Air Purifier
AllerAir AirMed 1 Supreme ExecAllerAir AirMed 1 Supreme Exec
AllerAir AirMed 1 Supreme Exec UVAllerAir AirMed 1 Supreme Exec UV
Blueair Blue Pure 121 Large Room Air PurifierBlueair Blue Pure 121 Large Room Air Purifier
AllerAir AirMed 3 Exec Air CleanerAllerAir AirMed 3 Exec Air Cleaner
AllerAir AirMed 1 Supreme MG VocarbAllerAir AirMed 1 Supreme MG Vocarb
AllerAir Mobile Air CleanerAllerAir Mobile Air Cleaner
AllerAir AirMed 3 Vocarb Air CleanerAllerAir AirMed 3 Vocarb Air Cleaner
Stadler Form Roger HEPA Air PurifierStadler Form Roger HEPA Air Purifier
Field Controls Trio-1000P Portable Air PurifierField Controls Trio-1000P Portable Air Purifier
4 Stage Air Cleaning, 1000 Sq Ft!
Sun Pure Ultra Sun SP-20 C Portable Air PurifierSun Pure Ultra Sun SP-20 C Portable Air Purifier
4 Stage Air Cleaning, 1000 Sq Ft!
AllerAir AirMed 3 Vocarb UV Air CleanerAllerAir AirMed 3 Vocarb UV Air Cleaner
AllerAir AirMed 3 Supreme Exec Air CleanerAllerAir AirMed 3 Supreme Exec Air Cleaner
AllerAir AirMed 3 Exec UV Air CleanerAllerAir AirMed 3 Exec UV Air Cleaner
Airdog X5 FD Filterless Ionic Air Purifier SystemAirdog X5 FD Filterless Ionic Air Purifier System
Aeris Aair Lite Air Purifier SystemAeris Aair Lite Air Purifier System
AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 MG HEPA Only Air CleanerAllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 MG HEPA Only Air Cleaner
AllerAir AirMed 3 Supreme Vocarb Air CleanerAllerAir AirMed 3 Supreme Vocarb Air Cleaner
AllerAir AirMed 3 Supreme Exec UV Air CleanerAllerAir AirMed 3 Supreme Exec UV Air Cleaner
EnviroKlenz Mobile Air CleanerEnviroKlenz Mobile Air Cleaner
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Second hand tobacco smoke in the air of a house or other indoor area exposes everyone to concentrated levels of toxic chemicals, particles and odors that are proven to cause disease, chronic allergies and severe respiratory problems. Second hand smoke may seem ‘cleaner’ or not as bad as smoking, but it is actually more harmful because you’re breathing the smoke that is coming off the end of the cigar or cigarette, without going through the filter. Research has also proven that smoke-filled areas even increase bacteria and mold growth, which makes for an even unhealthier indoor environment. This is why if you smoke tobacco from a pipe, cigar or cigarette it is really important to eliminate the smoke using a top rated air cleaner with both the best HEPA filter and activated carbon purification system. These “smoke eaters” will completely clean the air removing the dangerous second hand smoke from the home, as well as the lingering odors.  
Second hand cigar and cigarette smoke also causes walls, furniture and other household items to discolor, and can cause permanent smoke damage to clothing. No matter whether you smoke regularly indoors or just on occasion, second hand tobacco smoke causes odor and toxic chemicals to linger and build up in a home over time. And while you might enjoy smoking, you do not want you, your family, pets or guests to breathe in the toxic second hand smoke. Whether you smoke cigars, cigarettes or pipes, it is important to use a filtration system with medical grade HEPA and activated carbon to clean the air and totally remove the more damaging second hand smoke. The best way to remove tobacco smoke from your home and eliminate the odor and health hazards is to use a portable smoking eating air purifier.
Top-rated indoor cigarette and cigar smoke eliminators are not the same as regular air purifiers. Smoke eaters are specialized portable air cleaning machines with the best, most powerful activated carbon, HEPA filters, and tar-trapping pre-filters. The extra-strength activated carbon filters are designed to totally remove the toxic chemicals and smoke smell, the medical grade HEPA filters remove the dust, ash and other micro-particles, while the specialized pre-filters remove the tar that causes yellowing. Some smoke removal air purifiers even include negative ions, which can help break up smoke in the air and neutralize cigarette and tobacco smell in a house faster than activated carbon filters alone. Using a smoke eater regularly also reduces the amount of time and money you need to spend on cleaning. This is because the ash, tar, and odor are eliminated before they get a chance to settle on furniture and other items.

Aller Air and Blueair are two portable air cleaner brands that offer some of the best top-rated smoke eliminating air purifiers on the market today, at a good price.  These smoke air cleaning machines are the perfect total smoke eliminators. Aller Air and Bluair indoor smoke eaters are top-rated by many, because they have the best filters and features to completely eliminate odors, toxins, and chemicals left behind by cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Aller Air smoke air cleaners feature super-strong activated carbon purification systems, along with tar trapping pre filters to eliminate all the second hand smoke, odors and chemicals, as well as medical-grade HEPA filters to remove particles such as ash. Blueair air cleaners feature top-quality activated carbon cleaners and HEPA filters, as well. Instead of tar-catching pre filter, Blueair uses ions to increase the efficiency of the HEPA filter so that tar can be effectively trapped without a separate filter. Blueair smoke purification machines are also quieter than Aller Air air cleaners and often are little more stylish. Both Aller Air and Blueair smoke eating air cleaners are both designed for continuous use, and when the machines run continuously remove over 99% of smoke, toxic chemicals, dust and odors. These indoor smoke eliminators allow you and your family to enjoy purified indoor air environment, 24 hours a day.
At Air Purifiers and, we sell only the best portable smoke eliminating air purifiers from Aller Air and Blueair. Here you can buy the best portable smoke removal machines at a discount price and quickly remove over 99% of the smoke and toxic chemicals released by cigar and cigarette tobacco.  All of the air purification systems in this section have the best features, HEPA filters, activated carbon cleaners and have either an ion generator (ozone free) or tar trapping pre filter specifically designed to remove smoke and eliminate odors left behind by cigars, cigarettes and tobacco pipes.

Being an online-based air cleaner store we do not have the overhead of traditional stores. These savings allow us to offer the best indoor smoke eaters from top rated air purifier manufactures at cheap discount prices with free shipping. If your house has lots of toxic second hand smoke floating around, we make it easy and affordable for you to get the air filtration system you need to neutralize indoor odors, particles and second cigarette, cigar and tobacco pipe second hand smoke. If you have any questions or need any help finding the best smoke eliminator for your home call our smoke air purification experts toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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