Safeguard Your Business & Your Health with Industrial Air Cleaners & Filtration Systems That Effectively Control & Remove Air Pollution at Construction Sites, Buildings, Work Shops, Offices, & Rooms. Here We Offer a Complete Line of  Electrocorp Quality Portable & Fixed Commercial Air Purifiers, Air Scrubber Units, Sanitizers, and Replacement Filters, At Cheap Discount Prices with Free Shipping!


Electrocorp has been known around the world for many years as the #1 industrial air cleaner manufacturer, offering quality, affordable air filtration systems for any commercial setting or application. They are also known as the ‘Kings of Carbon’ as they have mastered the art of tuning activated carbon to effectively remove virtually any industrial or commercial air vapor, chemical or gas-based pollutant that may be present. They also offer the best medical-grade ‘Super-HEPA’ filters that are unmatched for removing dangerous sub-micronic particles. That kind of a filtration system, together with solid steel construction, excellent warranties and great customer service, Electrocorp is the one air purifier manufacturer that commercial business and small workshop owners alike can depend on for the right industrial air quality answers—the first time.
As a business owner, you want to make sure that 1) your business does well, 2) your repututation is strong and positive, and 3) your employees are as happy and healthy as possible. You buy insurance and create other programs to take care of your employees, not just because it helps the employee, but also ensures that productivity and morale remain high so that your business succeeds. This is where Electrocorp give you a solid advantage. Their air purification units are powerful (usually anywhere from 36 to 100 lbs of carbon or more, and 1000-4500 CFM or higher) and designed to give you the proper OSHA required number of complete air changes per hour. They offer air purifier units, sanitizers, air scrubbers, dust collectors, and fume extractors designed specifically for work sites, work stations, buildings, offices, warehouses, shops, rooms, or anywhere else that industrial pollution is an issue. And, having the proper air filtration system in place will go a long way toward preventing any  OSHA complaints or claims of negligence---which can cause you to be fined or sued for thousands of dollars, or at very least, to be on the OSHA ‘monitoring list’ for years.
Whatever industrial air quality situation you have, you can depend on Electrcorp to provide you with the very best commercial air filtration system to effectively remove the pollutants, gases, vapors, particles, etc, that are present and safeguard your business and your health. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional suppliers, so we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices, and free shipping every day. If you have any questions, or need a free quote, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. Our industrial air specialists are standing by to help!
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