Allergic To Pet Dander?

  Allergic to Pet Dander?

   Don't Get Rid of Your Pet! Try This Instead!

Allergic to Pet Dander? Well, in the past you might have had to get rid of your pet, or choose a pet that doesn't give you an allergic reaction.  Not any more! Instead of getting rid of your pet, or loading up on allergy medicine, now there are powerful, low-cost air purifiers that can dramatically reduce or eliminate the problem altogether by removing the "dander" that is floating around in your indoor air, landing on your skin, and entering your lungs.

First, let's take a quick look at what 'dander' really means. Dander refers to everything from pieces of hair, skin, nails, fecal matter, and any other particles that our pets release from their bodies, coats, feathers, etc. What causes the allergic reaction is breathing the airborne particles and / or getting them on our skin. 

Naturally, the body does not recognize these particles as part of 'you', and releases histamine in an attempt to control / isolate the area through swelling of tissue. When that swelling of tissue is on the skin, we get hives, itching, etc; when it's in the the nose, throat, bronchial tubes, etc., we get allergic and asthma or asthma like symptoms--wheezing, sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, etc. But there is another hazard that comes along with pet dander: the bacteria / viruses that are carried along with dander.

Did you know that many animals, especially birds and lizards carry Salmonella and other bacteria on their skin that can really make you sick.  In a lot of cases , however, people have pets, don't feel well a lot of the time, but don't realize that the 'malaise' they feel is the body's low-grade reaction to the dander, or the bacteria or virus that came along with the dander.

That's right--those skin particles, fecal matter, hair, all have the capability of carrying bacteria and viruses with them. Fortunately, air purifiers have come a long way and they are very good at removing / destroying bacteria and viruses, as well. The units with UV light or healthy negative ions (not ozone) actually destroy the structure of the bacteria and viruses, rendering them unable to replicate.

If you are, indeed, allergic to pet dander, your best bet to eliminate your symptoms, NOT your animal friend, are two things: 1) weekly vacuuming, dusting, and  mopping, and 2) and a good HEPA air filtration system that removes 99.97% or more of airborne particles.  The air purifiers listed below are very effective at removing dander, as well as dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen, even smoke particles. The all use both a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

The activated carbon absorbs odors very well, which is another benefit of having a good air purifier! Tip: Many people purchase more than 1 purifier to have one in the pet area and another in the bedroom, to be sure that their 'sleeping air' is as clean as possible, and be sure to use vent filters in your air vents to extend the life of your filters and sharply decrease airborne pet dander.

So don't let being allergic to pet dander keep you from the pet that you love! Solve the problem today with a quality HEPA air purifier! Click on the items below for a full description, recommendations, and technical information and order the unit that best suits your needs. You might even reduce your allergy medications, as well, saving you money! 

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