MCS & Chemical-Sensitivity Air Purifiers

Get the Relief You Deserve with a Quality Portable Room Air Purifier Designed for MCS. Here We Offer The Best Air Cleaners for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity with Proper Carbon Testing, Deluxe HEPA & Non-Off Gassing Materials for Maximum Pollutant Removal, All Made in USA and Canada with Excellent Warranties, Cheap Prices and Free Shipping!

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS causes a variety of aggravating and sometimes life-threatening symptoms as a result of bodily reactions caused by chemicals and particles in the air. To cut down on pollutants in the air, those with MCS tend to spend more time in their homes and rooms where pollutant levels are usually higher than outdoors, but can be controlled by the right air purification systems. Not just any portable air purifier will do, however, as many ‘normal’ air cleaners are made with materials that release or ‘off-gas’ various molecules, causing more reactions for highly sensitive individuals than they would have without the unit. For this reason, a deluxe specialized type of air purifier for MCS is usually best for achieving clean air and symptom relief, without adding to the problem.
Deluxe MCS room air purifiers offer multiple stages of filtration as well as specialized materials and manufacturing methods that provide not only a much higher level of filtration but extremely low to zero chance of releasing any chemicals or other pollutants in the process. The best MCS air purifiers, such as those from AllerAir, are made with these types of ultra-low emission materials.   More importantly, AllerAir and Austin Air also offer a carbon testing service as a preliminary step to determine which of six types of carbon offer the least amount of sensitivity. A quality portable MCS air purifier also includes a high-efficiency HEPA filter and pre-filter system to remove well over 99% of any particles as small as 0.1 to 0.3 microns, and finally a sealed carbon canister coated with a non-off gassing coating that prevents the metal or components from releasing any fumes into the room. Regardless, if you have MCS, you’ll want to test the carbon types first to make that your unit is made with the carbon that provides relief you need, without adding pollutants that cause a reaction for you.
When using a portable air purifier for MCS, it’s important to stay prepared to replace the filters (especially the carbon) whenever you begin to feel any symptoms returning, which may be a little sooner than the manufacturer’s recommended replacement time.  To do this, it’s best to buy an extra set of filters with the unit so that you aren’t without clean air while waiting on a set of filters to arrive in the mail. To enhance the air purifier’s ability to keep your indoor air clean, you may also want to consider adding a quality whole house air cleaner to your furnace. Outdoor air (especially in cities) is often polluted with multiple types of chemicals and particles that are brought directly into the home and rooms through the air conditioning system because typical A/C filters are not designed to stop them. Many multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers find that they get the best relief by using both a portable MCS air purifier and an AllerAir or Amaircare deluxe whole house unit attached to the furnace. AllerAir and Amaircare aren’t made in the USA, but they are made in Canada and have a strong reputation for quality and value.
At Air Purifiers and, we make it easy for you to buy exactly the best MCS air purifier that is custom-designed for your needs, so you can get the relief you deserve. Our portable room air cleaners are preferred by many who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity, severe allergies and related conditions because of high performance, deluxe long-life filters, affordable pricing, and they’re all made in the USA or Canada with excellent warranties. We also have a team of air filtration experts experienced with MCS on hand to answer any questions you may have. Call us today toll-free a 1-800-701-2513.  We’re here to help!
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