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Sleep Better, Remove Cigarette Smoke, & Reduce Allergy Symptoms FAST with One of The Best Portable Home / Room Air Purifier Systems from Austin Air! Here You Can Buy All of the Best Standard Larger Austin Air Cleaner Models or ‘Machines’, Smaller Junior (Jr.) Models, Replacement Filters & Pre Filters, and Parts at Cheap, Discount Prices with Free Shipping!

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Austin Air Purifiers

Austin Air Purifiers

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For over 30 years, Austin Air has provided some of the very best portable home / room air purifiers on the market, with all models highly rated for reducing allergy symptoms, better sleep, and improving overall indoor air quality.  Austin Air founder Richard Taylor designed his air cleaners or ‘machines’ specifically to remove particles, allergens, chemicals and odors, to alleviate his wife Joyce’s respiratory problems  and to improve the indoor air quality in his home.
His first air purifier or ‘machine’ was the original Austin Air HealthMate model, with a medical-grade HEPA filter and activated carbon. The result? For the first time outside the hospital room, Joyce was sleeping well and breathing clean air in their home.  The Austin Air Junior (Jr.) models/units are best for smaller rooms/offices, and are a little cheaper, but clean the air just as well. The key element that makes Austin portable room air purifiers / cleaners so effective is their HEPA / HEGA / Carbon – Zeolite filtration systems. Austin Air filters are able to improve sleep, reduce allergies by removing 99.99% of dust, mold, and other particles, and gases/odors/cigarette smoke that interrupt sleep and cause allergy/asthma reactions. Air purification isn’t just for the home, either.  The air in most offices is loaded with dust, chemicals from copiers/carpets, too, and many people have office-air related allergies/respiratory problems and don't realize it--problems that can be solved with a quality portable air purifier.
Unlike many cheaply-made air purifier filters that use a lower grade, and small amounts of activated carbon, and less effective ‘HEPA-style’ filters, Austin air filters include true medical grade HEPA and 6-15 lbs of the best grade of activated carbon / zeolite (and military grade carbon) available—plus an easy-clean pre-filter that helps maximize the life of the carbon/HEPA filters. That is why Austin Air is rated one of the best portable air purifiers—because they remove more allergy/asthma aggravating chemicals, allergens, smoke, and gases from the air in rooms, homes, and offices than any other air purifier in its class. And, Austin Air cleaners or ‘machines’ are made of quality materials, with solid steel / heavy duty parts--and a 5 year warranty on air cleaners and filters. 

More recently, Austin has been supplying an unprecedented number of schools, hospitals and businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with effective removal at the necessary 0.1 micron level. This year and last year, Austin has also protected thousands of households on the West coast, as they experience one of the worst wildfire seasons on record.


  • Austin is are the ONLY air purifier with a 5-year filter life. No other air purifier comes close to this. No expensive filter changes, just plug in your Austin and let it run.
  • Austin is the ONLY air purifier using a full 60 sq. ft. of True Medical Grade HEPA. There are lots of air purifiers using Medical Grade HEPA. But it’s ONLY a fraction of the HEPA that Austin use. This ensures a long filter life and the effective removal of viruses, bacteria and allergens.
  • Austin is the ONLY air purifier to use 780 cubic inches of Activated Carbon, PLUS zeolite to provide better removal than carbon alone. Activated Carbon can also be found in lots of other air purifiers. But nothing close to 780 cubic inches. This guarantees your home will be free from chemicals and VOC’s.
  • Austin is the ONLY US-made air purifier constructed using solid steel and a non-toxic powder coated paint. No plastic, no polystyrene, no off gassing.
Air Purifiers and is proud to offer all Austin Air portable home / room air purifiers (larger standard ‘machines’ and smaller room Junior (Jr.) units), replacement carbon (and military grade carbon) / HEPA filters, and parts. Because we are an online store, we can offer these outstanding air cleaners, replacement air filters , prefilters & parts at the best possible, cheap, discount prices, with free shipping.

If you have any questions as to which Austin Air purifier / air filtration system is right for you, call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513  Choose your Austin air purifier or replacement filter above and start breathing cleaner air today!

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