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Keep The Air in Your Home, Room or Shop Warm for Less with a New, Energy-Efficient Electric Space Heater. Here We Offer The Best Tower, Floor, and Portable Air Conditioner Heat Systems You Can Buy for Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Garages, RV’s, Camping Tents & More at Cheap Discount Prices with Free Shipping!

Keeping the air in a room at a comfortable temperature during cooler months can make a big difference as to whether you, your family or guests feel comfortable in your home. To maintain that perfect temperature, your options are usually either using your central heating system more, buying a new kerosene or propane heater, or a wood burning stove. Using your central heating system or fuel-based heaters, however, usually come with increased costs and possible fire and fume-inhalation hazards, not to mention the added expense of gas or wood and environmental concerns. Bathrooms, garages, shops, RV’s and camping tents are often difficult to keep them warm since there’s usually not enough air vents, no central ducting, no insulation, or residual moisture that causes a cooling effect. In almost all of these cases, the best, cheapest way to keep warm is to buy an energy-efficient portable electric space heater online at a discount price.
New electric space heaters offer several distinct advantages over other heating systems. They are more energy-efficient, don’t harm the environment by using fuels, and your best brands have virtually zero risk of fire or fume hazards. Portable electric space heaters are also great for homes, shops and bathrooms because they’re much cheaper than installing a heat pump or more ducting. Space heaters also offer the advantage of heating the air without drying you out, unlike HVAC heat systems where there is typically more air flow than heat.  Space heaters offer perfectly portable heat for travel, RV’s camping tents and hotels, too, allowing you to stay warm wherever you are. Portable air conditioner units with heating and cooling all in one affordably-priced unit are some of the best heaters to buy for home workshops and garages since they can be used year-round, they’re great for camping and RV’s, and they're useful in a variety of climates. Heater fans are also great for year-round use.
When selecting which portable space heater to buy, you’ll want to select the type that best fits your needs. If you have allergies or asthma, or just want quick heat, you’ll probably want a radiant heater which directly heats people and objects in a room instead of waiting to warm the air.  If you use an electric space heater a lot and need to keep the air generally warm, ceramic heaters a great for this as they heat the air primarily instead of objects or people in the room.  New ceramic heating systems also offer cheap, energy-efficient warming for a home, room, RV or camping tent because of their high output, small compact design and low power consumption.  Radiant heaters offer faster heating, which is better for very cold climates, bathrooms and poorly-insulated shops or garages because you feel the heat quickly without waiting for the room to heat up or paying the price of installing more ducting or a larger system. Obviously, any radiant or ceramic fan heater is better because it can distribute the heat faster. Regarding design, tower heaters are great for fast room warming since the heating element is higher and the heat doesn’t have to travel as far to get to you.
Regardless of which type you buy, a quality electric space heater will provide the best, most energy-efficient portable heat in any room and save you money with lower initial expense, lower overall energy use and no gas or wood to buy.  The best electric space heating systems, such as those from Stadler Form and the portable home air conditioner heater units from Newair and Danby also offer comfortable instant heat, protection from fire and space-saving design that’s great for keeping RV’s, garages and other small areas warm. Stadler Form’s Anna series ceramic tower heaters include a tilt-shutoff mechanism and a newly-designed overheat-proof heating element, which virtually eliminates any chance of fire—important for tent heaters and bathrooms. All of these brands also offer great prices and adjustable fan settings so you can keep any fan noise to a minimum—an important feature for bedrooms. And since camping, RV’s and workshops sometimes involve using battery or generator power, buying an energy efficient portable electric heater can help power last longer and reduce expenses. Just remember not to buy a cheap space heater at a department store. They might be cheaper initially, but they often do not last and may cause fire hazards.
Whatever your heating needs are, we have the best electric space heaters you can buy at the best discount prices with free shipping. Whether it’s a small fan heater, a new radiant heater for a bathroom, a ceramic tower unit or a portable air conditioner heater system for a garage, we have the most energy-efficient brands with excellent performance, long life and good warranties. And, we offer expert customer support before and after the sale should you have any questions. Call us today and buy the perfect electric space heater at a cheap discount price and enjoy your home, room, shop, RV or your next camping trip without those aggravating cool air drafts. Our team of indoor air experts are standing by to help at 1-800-701-2513. We look forward to speaking with you!
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