AirFree Antimicrobial Air Sanitizer Purifiers

Airfree’s story is really quite unusual. The technology began being developed thanks to the initiative and creativity of a Portuguese businessman in an effort to find an effective way to ease his son’s allergy attacks.

The first prototype Airfree air purifier was developed on the basis of a naturally way of using heat to destroy airborne allergens. After successful testing at the INETI microbiological laboratory in Portugal, the idea of large-scale production of the devices began to take shape, so that more families worldwide could be able to enjoy the benefits of a simple, effective concept.

In 2004, after a few adjustments had been made to improve electronics and capacity, Airfree was born, marked by the launch of its P air purifier range, attractive and modern in design. A ground-breaking brand was on its way to conquering world markets.

Since then, Airfree has continued to grow, manufacturing a variety of models of air purifiers in Portugal, intended for use not only in the home but also geared towards trade and industry. Currently, 90 % of production is directly exported to more then 60 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

Airfree air purifiers are highly effective for destroying airborne mold spores, bacteria and viruses, with up to 100% kill of these microorganisms. Typical air purfiers with HEPA filters may trap microorganisms, however when the HEPA filter becomes full, it can begin to release contaminants back into your indoor air. Airfree's 400 deg F core, provides a temperature far beyond what is needed to kill most viruses and destroys these micro-organisms instead of trapping them. And, Airfree air sanitizers are now certified antiviral air cleaners, as well.

Order your AirFree air purifier today and enjoy clean, safe air in your home or office--with no filters to replace and no maintenance!

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