Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® was established as a New York Corporation on November 22, 1963. The business started in Long Island City as a manufacturer of germicidal ultraviolet fixtures and equipment, utilizing germicidal ultraviolet lamps to destroy bacteria, mold, and virus in air and on surfaces.  In 1970 the company began production of its own line of germicidal uv lamps in competition with Westinghouse and General Electric, who were the primary producers at the time. The STER-L-RAY ® Germicidal UV Lamp brand produced by Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® consists of short-wave, low pressure tubes that produce ultraviolet wavelengths lethal to microorganisms. STER-L-RAY ® Germicidal UV Lamps are now produced in Amalgam, Instant Start, Cold Cathode and Preheat type, with either Ozone-Producing or Low Ozone-Producing capabilities, and in standard and high output.

In 1973, the company released the SANITRON® Ultraviolet Water Purifier product line, a unique and rapid method of water disinfection without the use of heat or chemicals. Since this time, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® has introduced other brands of water disinfection equipment, under the trademark names Bio-Logic®, Bio-Logic® Pure Water PackTM, MINIPURE®, MIGHTY★PURE®, Ultimate®, MEGATRON®, TankMaster™, and INFINITY™. In addition, the air and surface sanitizer lines expanded to include the SANITAIRE®, Hygeaire®, Nutripure®, SaniLIGHT®, SaniRay®, AeroLogic®, Biolux®, and Sanidyne®, and have enjoyed increased sales since introduction. In 1975, Atlantic Ultraviolet’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities moved to a new location in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York. The new 5,000-square-foot facility was constructed and soon expanded to 8,000 square feet in 1980.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® leadership in applied ultraviolet technology continued with increased research and development. Exacting procedures and stringent quality control measures ensured products of consistently high quality. Engineering studies of product design and materials were conducted with an eye to enhancing product usefulness and value. Existing and potential new products were subjected to rigorous test protocols in order to ensure the highest standards of performance and reliability. Atlantic Ultraviolet’s staff continued to grow to include ultraviolet application specialists and an engineering department with vast knowledge of ultraviolet technologies. The staff assisted customers in the selection of germicidal lamps and ultraviolet equipment to suit specific applications. Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® continued to formulate effective and cost-conscious ultraviolet solutions.

By 1994, another move was necessary to house the ever-growing corporate offices, manufacturing facilities and expanding inventory. The move took Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® to its current location in Hauppauge, New York, to a 25,000 square foot custom building which was quickly expanded to 37,500 square feet in 1997. Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation continued to strive for growth with extensive work in Research and Development. The company’s conservative management philosophy has resulted in steadily increasing financial strength, profitability, and growth of market share.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® realized the value of a strong website presence and with perseverance acquired the domain name  With the internet continually transforming the way business is done, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® knew the importance of presenting a clear, easy to use, content-rich website. We focused on our website providing more product information, customer support, and services for both domestic and international customers alike. In, 2013, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® celebrated 50 years in business.

Atlantic Ultraviolet re-launches their corporate site, using the newest responsive technologies. Over the years, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® has developed a wide range of ultraviolet water purifiers. Atlantic Ultraviolet now offers two lines of Purifiers that are NSF® Certified. The SANITRON®  line has been certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 & Atlantic’s MIGHTY★PURE® MP36C and MP49C has been tested and approved to NSF®/ANSI Standard 55. In addition, we have been busy updating our GUARDIAN® Ultraviolet Monitor and adding another model to our Sanidyne® line of Portable Area Sanitizers.  And in 2020, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® expands its Sanidyne® Portable Area Sanitizer Line as well as adding a new addition to the MEGATRON® Water Purification System family!

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