Portable Room Fans

Keep Any Large or Small Room Cool & Comfortable while Saving Money with a High-Speed, Modern Portable Electric Fan. Here We Offer The Best Floor, Table, Desktop & Pedestal Standing Fans with Ultra-Quiet Oscillation, Variable Speeds, and Retro-Designer Looks for Silent, Decorative Home & Office Cooling, All at Cheap Sale Prices with Free Shipping!

Keeping a room cool and comfortable has a lot of research-proven benefits such as higher productivity, less stress, better overall health, and better sleep in cooler bedrooms. Finding just the right portable electric fan, however, that offers that high-speed cooling, quality construction, the right decorative look, variable speeds, just the right size for a desktop, etc., all in one package can be difficult. Most cheap oscillating house fans for sale at department stores don’t last or perform that well, definitely aren’t silent, and high-end or antique stand fans are ultra-expensive and sometimes require too much maintenance. This is where an affordable-priced retro-modern table or floor fan that’s compact and made of real metal and other quality materials can be your best option for reliable, attractive and quiet cooling for your home or office.
Quality electric fans, such as those from Stadler Form provide the high-velocity or silent room cooling you need, with naturally low to zero maintenance, long life and great looks at small sales prices. Instead of a cheap desk or pedestal stand fan that isn’t even made of metal or just plain ugly, a modern fan like Stadler’s Otto offers near-silent operation (important for bedrooms), variable speeds, some of the best decorative looks, and years of trouble free operation. Another great benefit of buying a quality portable electric fan is that they always save you money regardless of whether it’s cold or warm inside the house. In both cases, a compact, oscillating table or floor fan can distribute cool and warm air in a home or office very well for about the cost of a 40 watt light bulb, which saves you money by allowing you to feel ultra-comfortable without running the central heating and air system as often. And if you buy a good retro floor or desk fan instead of an antique, you can get the decorative looks you want, but enjoy all the modern, high-velocity performance and other features, without the high prices or maintenance issues.
When selecting the best fan for your desk or to stand on the floor in your home or room, some things you’ll want to determine are 1) whether you want oscillation or not, 2) whether you’ll need just one or several electric fans to get the cooling, air distribution and power bill reduction you want, 3) whether you want a large or small fan  4) whether it is made of metal and other high-quality components or not, and 5) you’ll want to determine if you want a decorative or more functional fan. If it’s an oscillating fan, you’ll also want to make sure it has variable positions and speeds so you can get the most out of it.  Check the warranty, power consumption, and noise level numbers. You want less than 50 dBA for noise, and near silent oscillation, if it’s an oscillating desk or pedestal fan.  For bedrooms, living rooms and offices, compact floor fans often work better than oscillating fans due to the absence of any oscillation noise. We recommend the stylish retro-modern Stadler Form house fans a lot because they offer all the best fans for sale with all of these features and an affordable price, which means ultra-high value.
At our online store, we make it easy for you to buy the perfect standing pedestal, table or desktop fan for your home or office by offering a great selection of high-quality, variable-speed room fans with attractive retro design and modern features for sale at cheap discount prices with free shipping and excellent customer service. If you need assistance choosing the best compact cooling fan for your living room, bedroom or any other area of your house, our Customer Care Specialists are always available. Call us today at 1-800-701-2513, order the perfect large or small fan for your needs and feel the difference that a quality portable electric fan can make!
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