Since 1984, Diversitech has been a technology leader in the Commercial Air Filtration, Fume Extraction & Dust Collection industries for many years. Diversitech is fully committed to delivering the best most reliable and high-quality commercial and industrial air purifier systems manufactured to perform correctly in your application. When designing Fume & Dust Control products, Diversitech's #1 priority is worker safety- and it shows. 

Keeping unbreathables away from the operator’s respiratory zone requires highly effective source capture and often ambient air cleaners that are easy-to-use, easier-to-service, and is powerful enough to return truly clean air. Whether it's a dust collector, fume extractor with an arm, or a large dust collection system with ducting for an entire facility, Diversitech's products and in-house engineers are up to the task. They'll help you do it right and save money up front and in the long run, with outstanding service, products and warranties. 

Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized Diversitech dealer and we offer anything any everything you may need from Diversitech, from air filtration units to filters to parts and more. And since we are an online store with super low overhead, you can rest assured you are getting genuine Diversitech commercial air purification products at the best possible cheap discount online sales prices, with free shipping to continental US locations. Call us toll free if you have questions at 800-701-2513 and one of our commercial indoor air quality engineers will be happy to assist.  

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