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Protect Employees, Customers & Moisture-Sensitive Products from Dry Air Hazards with a Quality Industrial-Strength Room Humidifier. We Offer Large Capacity Portable and Wall-Mount Ultrasonic Cool Mist, Steam and Evaporative Console Humidifiers for Walk-In Cigar Humidors, Wine Cellars, Commercial Offices, Data Centers, Shops & More, At the Best Discount Prices with Free Shipping!

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Maintaining the correct humidity in commercial offices, buildings and industrial workshops is vitally important to prevent damage to products, equipment, health hazards for employees and a variety of other problems. Dry air also causes increased friction and static electricity buildup, higher chances of dust explosions and more, none of which are good for business. According to ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers), a general relative humidity of 45-55% usually provides enough moisture to reduce that friction and chances of shop fires and static electricity sparks. Large cigar humidors and wine cooler rooms often require room humidity above 70% to prevent damage to their products. To meet these requirements, a commercial large capacity portable console unit or wall-mount humidifier system is necessary for maintaining the best humidity that will prevent dry air-related losses.
The most important things to consider when selecting the best humidifier for a commercial or industrial application are to ensure that the unit will consistently provide the level and type of humidity that you need, and include the features essential to that application. Commercial and industrial shop humidifiers usually come in either wall-mount or high-capacity portable console units, with either adiabatic (ultrasonic, evaporative), or isothermal (steam) type of operation. Ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers typically cause a drop in temperature from the atomized cool mist, which is usually best for wine cellars and similar cooler temperature applications. Steam humidifiers naturally add clean, germ-free moisture to the air faster, but don’t cause a temperature drop.  Some industrial ultrasonic humidifiers units, such as Carel’s humiSonic series can be linked together to handle extra-large rooms, can maintain high humidity levels up to 90%, and are compatible with various software systems. High-capacity evaporative humidifiers are usually better for walk in cigar humidors, offices and large open spaces where only medium-high humidity levels are needed (50-70%).
Other considerations when buying an industrial or commercial humidifier for a large room, office or shop is whether you want to install a water purification system or not and whether you need portability. If you choose an ultrasonic unit without built-in water purification capacity, you’ll need a separate water filtration system to prevent minerals and pollutants from being atomized into the room, leaving spots on equipment and products. The best commercial wall-mount ultrasonic units, such as Carel’s humiSonic cool mist adiabatic humidifiers, include a water purification system within the unit, which provides clean, germ-free moisture (best for wine cellars and food service applications). Industrial steam humidifiers also eliminate the need to filter the water since the water is boiled, killing germs and leaving pollutants behind. Portable console humidifiers are best when installation or mounting a humidifier to a wall is difficult, not desired or not possible, or if you want the ability to move the unit around anywhere it’s needed.  Evaporative console units do tend to leave most pollutants behind, but you still want one with internal filtration for clean, germ-free moisture. The Brune B500 is a highly-versatile large capacity portable evaporative unit that includes quality UV and demineralization technology, works well in cigar humidors and offices, and can operate with manual refilling or direct water line hookup.
At Air Purifiers and, we offer only the best quality portable and wall-mount ultrasonic, steam and evaporative console humidifiers proven to provide perfect, controllable cool or warm mist humidity in any large industrial or commercial shop, room, office or other indoor space. Our Carel and Brune units are frequently chosen for large walk-in cigar humidors, wine cellars, and other large rooms due to excellent performance and value. Whether you need a high-capacity adiabatic or isothermal humidifier, we have the perfect unit for you, at the best price.  Since we are an online store, our extremely low overhead allows us to offer all of our humidifiers at lower discount prices with free shipping every day. Plus, our team of humidification experts are standing by to answer your questions, whenever you need them. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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