Outdoor Misting Fans

Keep Any Large or Small Deck Cool and Comfortable with a Top-Rated Outdoor Oscillating Misting Fan. Here We Offer the Best Freestanding 18 and 24 Inch No-Wet Nozzle-Free Pedestal Water Mister Fans That Can Be Water-less and Offer Better, Lower-Maintenance Cooling Than Other Contemporary Patio Units, All at Cheap Discount Prices with Free Shipping!

Standing outdoor misting fans are the best proven way to keep a patio or deck cool and comfortable.  Today’s contemporary oscillating pedestal misting fans work by distributing a fine mist of water through the fan that cools the air quickly as the water evaporates (without wetting surfaces). The fan, along with the cooling ‘fog’ that is created reduces temperature much faster than a fan alone and is best for hot climates. Outdoor misting fans are so effective that you can cool a large deck or gazebo with one or two larger top-rated patio pedestal units instead of four or five regular fans without a mister. So if you want effective, affordably-priced outdoor cooling or simply want the least number of fans taking up space on deck, a freestanding oscillating misting fan is great choice.

Oscillating misting fans also help control airborne dust and pollen that often floats across large and small decks (and gazebos).  As the fan distributes the mist, this wets the outdoor air and makes dust and other particles on a patio too heavy to become airborne or stay floating in the air, resulting in cleaner air for you and others to breathe. And since standing outdoor misting fans add a little extra humidity to the air, this extra moisture also helps sooth dry skin and sinus tissues, resulting in greater comfort for those with allergies or asthma.  Freestanding pedestal misting fans are even helpful for keeping plants healthier by keeping them moisturized since these units oscillate and release the mist of water three to four feet above the ground.  For many reasons, having a top-rated quality misting fan on a patio or gazebo is a great low-price outdoor cooling solution.
Misting patio fans come in two basic types, which are those with water nozzles and those that use a different misting system without nozzles. For the best, lowest-maintenance oscillating outdoor misting fan, however, you’ll want to choose a top-rated free-standing unit that doesn’t use mister nozzles to disperse the water. Quality oscillating mister units such as those from Luma Comfort are better than most contemporary large misting fans because they don’t have nozzles, but use a special centrifugal misting system that disperses water by way of a high-speed disc. The high-speed disc creates a super-fine mist that eliminates the need for mister nozzles that become clogged and often wet down surfaces too much. Less wetting is better for gazebos since they are usually made of wood.  Nozzle-free misters also save you time and money by not having to clean them or buy nozzle cleaning solutions. Having a low-maintenance pedestal misting fan can help keep overall deck, patio or gazebo maintenance lower, too, which is always better.
Whatever oscillating outdoor fan you buy, you also want a fan with a high-efficiency motor and large blades for fastest cooling and best overall performance.  We also recommend choosing a quality misting fan made of heavy-gauge non-corrosive steel, as cheap patio pedestal units often rust out from the constant wetting and cheap plastic patio fans don’t last, either.  Luma Comfort fans are one of our best-selling freestanding outdoor fan manufacturers because they are made of heavy-gauge, wet-rated steel, include the best motors, large blades, quiet oscillation and affordable prices. Another great feature of our misting fans is that they can be used as a basic outdoor stand fan units simply by turning the water mister off, thereby enabling you to have a dual-purpose standing deck fan without having to find a good contemporary misting fan that may or may not perform well.
Here, we offer the best oscillating water misting fans that can offer powerful outdoor gazebo or deck cooling with or without the misting function turned on. Our top-rated outdoor misting fans are very affordable when compared to other contemporary misting patio fans with similar size and power ratings.  And in comparison to other fans, the freestanding pedestal misting units we offer are very quiet and don’t wet surfaces like many other units.  Being an online based store we do not have the large operating costs of most traditional stores. These savings allow us to offer even greater discounts on our already affordably-priced oscillating mister fan units. If you have you have any questions about any of our misting patio and deck fans, please call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and we will be more than happy to assist you. 
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