Evaporative Coolers

Keep Cool and Save Big by Using a Quality Portable Swamp Cooler System in Your Home! Here We Offer the Best Mobile Evaporative Cooling Products from Top Manufacturers with High Output, Extra-Low Energy Consumption, Remote Control and More for House & Other Indoor Uses, At Cheap Discount Sales Prices with Free Shipping!

Keeping a home or any indoor area cool usually requires an air conditioning system. And in dry climates where water evaporates quickly, the air conditioner has to work extra hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which can drive your electric bill through the roof.  And if you don’t have an HVAC system installed in the house, or you’d like to keep a garage or some other remote area cool, you’re usually looking at buying several small fans, which can be expensive and ineffective.  Things like sinus and respiratory irritation, poor sleep, even cracked furniture finishes are also often the product of dry indoor air. So, a better and cheaper way to keep the air cooler in these situations while add soothing protective moisture is to buy and use one or more of the best quality portable evaporative coolers for sale from a top manufacturer or supplier.
Evaporative swamp coolers from virtually all suppliers work the same, energy-efficient way--by simply using a fan to push air across a wet membrane or wick which then cools the air as the water evaporates, essentially for the cost of running a small fan.  A secondary benefit of using this type of cooling system is that when the water evaporates, it adds moisture to the air in your home or  remote area, helping to get rid of dry air. So, while this type of cooling product might not be best for very humid areas, it’s perfect for houses or areas where the air is dry.  Mobile swamp coolers for sale can be used together with an indoor HVAC system, as well, which allows you to run the air conditioner less but still cool your home—for cheap! Portable evaporative coolers, such as those from Newair, are also a great value when you need a humidifier in your home. Mobile evaporative coolers already contain a humidifier within the unit, so you can get the moisture you need and keep your rooms cool without having to also buy a small humidifier.
You do want to choose a quality evaporative cooler manufacturer or supplier, however, because like many products, there are small cheap units that don’t last or cool the air very well. You also want a remote control and digital controls so that you can easily read and control how often the evaporative cooling system is running. These controls can help you easily control your indoor humidity as well as the temperature. Another great point about Newair and other quality evaporative coolers is that they are great for the environment, use no Freon and very little energy because the water is cooling the air as it naturally evaporates. Keep in mind, however, if you live in a humid area or if your home already has high humidity, it will be best to buy a portable air conditioner for sale instead of a swamp cooler since it will cool and take moisture out of the air, not add moisture to an already humid area.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com offers the best portable evaporative cooling products for sale from only the best suppliers such as Newair, with top quality manufacturing standards, good warranties, excellent performance and small prices. Our mobile swamp cooler systems come standard with light weight, easy-read digital operation, full-function remote controls, and powerful cheap cooling for homes, rooms, or almost any indoor area. If you have any questions about which of these coolers would be best to use for your needs, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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