Winix Air Cleaners

Enjoy Clean, Healthy Air & Water in Your Home for Less with Top-Rated Affordable Winix Portable Room Air Purifier or FineCel Water Filtration System, with Plasma Wave, Carbon & HEPA Filters to Remove over 99% of Dust, Dander, Pet Hair, Sediment, VOC's & Chemicals. We Sell All Winix Quality Filtration Systems & Replacement Filters At The Best, Cheap Discount Prices, with Free Shipping!


For many people, an expensive, quality home or room air purifier that is effective for reducing allergies, pet odors is simply out of reach. Winix understands this, and they have found a way to offer virtually the same quality as more expensive air cleaners--but at an affordable price. Winix air cleaners include all the best features for less--ozone-free, true HEPA and activated carbon filters, quality construction, the amazing Winix PlasmaWave Technology, even a remote control.

With all of those features, Winix has become a top-rated home air cleaner choice for quality, low-cost room air purification, allergy and respiratory problem reduction, and for removing urine smell / or other odors, dust, and various types of dander from  cats, dogs, and other pets. Similarly, the Winix FineCell under-sink water filtration system is fast becoming one of the best water filter values on the market due to superior filters and affordable pricing.
The Winix Plasma Wave technology creates healthy negative ions (ozone-free) which not only destroys airborne germs (from dander, feces, etc), but also causes small particles to stick together so that the HEPA filter can do an even better job of cleaning the air. The activated carbon layer removes odors by absorbing the chemicals released into the air by pets (from litter boxes, dander, dog or cat urine, etc.), leaving the air in your home so clean you might forget that you have a pet. The Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner is a favorite among cat, dog, bird, and other pet owners because it quickly removes pet dander and odor from the air in your home or room as well (or better) than pet air purifiers that cost twice as much! The Winix P150, P300, and P450 series are also excellent air purifier values with similar performance for a cheap price. 
A Winix portable air purifier is one of the best home remedy for allergies, as well, since you have true HEPA filters to remove even the smallest particles, activated carbon to remove odors, and PlasmaWave technology to freshen the air, all in one room air purifier that is portable, so you can move it from room to room or wherever the air needs cleaning. Those with respiratory problems find that the Winix air cleaners are an amazing value, too, as they easily remove the particles and chemicals from the air in homes and rooms that cause respiratory irritation, improving sleep and overall indoor air quality.

The Winix U300 and U450 Signature Series air cleaners feature 5 stage air filtration, automatic sensors, a remote control, washable HEPA and carbon filters and more, making these air purifiers some of the very best performing units on the market--again, at an affordable price. For exceptional under sink or counter top water filtration, the Winix FineCell water filter features 3 stage advanced filtration, removing 99.9% of sediment, VOC's, chemicals, mercury, pesticides and more, 
while leaving healthy minerals in the water---all for under $300.
So if you are looking the best, low-cost portable air purifier for allergies, removing pet odors, pet dander, or highly affordable, super quality home water filtration, we highly recommend the The Winix Company. If you need a replacement Winix HEPA air filter, or a manual, we can help with that, too. Choose the Winix air purifier or filter below that best suits your air cleaning needs, or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 if you have questions. Our experts are standing by to help!

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