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Keep Employees Safe, and Save Money Investing in the Best Commercial Oil Mist Filter. At our Air Purifiers and Cleaners Store we offer Compact and Portable Oil Mist Removers and Collectors from Absolent and other Top-Rated Oil Mist Extraction and Elimination Units for CNC Systems, and other Industrial Machine Shops, at the Best Online Sales Prices.

Oil mist is an extremely common airborne pollutant that when left in the air unfiltered causes a variety of health issues. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the potential symptoms of exposure to high concentrations of oil mist include eye irritation, skin rashes, increased heart rate, vomiting, fever, shortness of breath, bronchial asthma, and a burning sensation in the mouth, throat and stomach. Studies have also linked long-term exposure of oil mist to an increased risk of several types of cancer. Oil mist forms when high pressure fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, or other oil is sprayed through a narrow crack, or when it contacts a hot surface, and vaporizes. Oil mist is also produced anytime rotating machinery in the metal working industry is used. Oil mist is formed from a combination of fluids that are used to cool and lubricate rotating industrial machinery. The process of cutting, grinding, and polishing metals along with the combined use of cooling lubricating fluids, fine oil mist will form and get released into the air. Modern commercial workshops with CNC systems, milling, grinding, and other machines all produce oil mist that needs to be filtered and removed with a top-rated compact and portable industrial Absolent air scrubber or other top rated compact and portable oil mist extraction air cleaner. The best oil mist collectors, and oil mist removal air purification systems eliminate the dangerous oil mist and vapor produced by CNC and other industrial machines.  

In addition to causing health issues, when oil mist is not filtered it can also damage expensive equipment. When oil mist is not eliminated with the best industrial oil mist extractor it settles on the surfaces, builds up, and over time creates a slippery and hazardous film. This oil mist coating can damage electrical equipment, circuit boards, and expensive machines, not to mention cause people to slip and fall. Absolent oil mist collectors and other compact and portable Industrial oil mist extraction and filtration units remove the harmful oil mist particles and vapor from the air, protecting your people from their toxic impact on their health, while at the same time prevent clogging of essential and expensive CNC machines and other commercial equipment. Oil mist air cleaners improve the use of the CNC and other industrial machines, reduce the need for maintenance, and can help keep your production on schedule. Investing in a top-rated, compact and portable Absolent air purifier or other top-rated oil mist collector will also save you money on your heating and cooling costs, because without an oil mist air filtration system in place windows and shop doors must be opened. This will obviously cause your heating and air conditioning expenses to increase. Oil can also clog expensive heating and cooling filters, requiring more frequent replacement. Commercial oil mist extraction and removal systems help to keep oil and dirt from building up on your shop floors, walls and ceilings which, in turn, reduces your housekeeping costs. Investing in the best compact and portable oil mist filter for your industrial shop with CNC and other oil mist producing equipment will save you time and money. While at the same time help keep your shop air clean, and your employees healthy, safe, and productive. 

The best commercial oil mist filter air purifiers from top-rated brands such as Absolent, are collectors that not only remove oil mist from the air, but also give you the option to recycle and reuse the extracted oil, saving you even more money, and preventing the need for disposal. When buying an Absolent oil mist air cleaner, or other top-rated commercial oil mist eliminator, it is a good idea to buy a scrubber that is compact, portable, and is easily moved. You also want to make sure the industrial oil mist and vapor elimination filter you buy has the capacity to remove the volume of oil mist your shops CNC and other machines produce. Most commercial shops have multiple pieces of equipment that produce oil mist and need to have an oil mist air cleaner nearby with a powerful enough airflow and proper filtration system to effectively eliminate the type of oil mist that CNC or other industrial machines coolants, lubricants or other oils produce. This is why most commercial shops need multiple powerful, compact and portable top-rated industrial oil mist collector air purifiers. Whether you want to buy the best Absolent oil mist extractor and collector, or a standard oil mist eliminator it is a good idea to review the unit’s description before you buy to make sure the oil mist scrubber is the best size and has the best filter options for the type of oil mist your CNC or other machines produce, and if you have any questions, call and clarify before buying online.  

At our online air purifiers and cleaner’s store we offer the best Absolent oil mist collectors and other top-rated compact and portable oil mist filtration and removal machines, at everyday cheap discount online sales prices. No matter what type of CNC system or other industrial machines you have, or the type of oil mist you need collected and removed from your shop, we have the best oil mist filtration unit for you, at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. Being an online based air purifiers and cleaners store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores and huge online sites also offering top-rated Absolent scrubbers and other compact and portable oil mist extractors. These savings allow us to offer the best Absolent oil mist collectors and other top-rated oil must elimination machines, at the best possible everyday cheap discount online sales price. We also provide detailed product descriptions and high-resolution photos to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to find and buy the best oil mist fume, and vapor extractor for your commercial shop needs. If you have any questions, or need some help finding the best Absolent oil mist collection system or other top-rated compact and portable oil mist filter for your CNC or other industrial machines give us a call or send us an email and one of our oil mist extraction and elimination experts will be happy to help.  
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