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Keep Your Home’s Humidity Levels Safely Between 45% and 55% to Improve Energy Efficiency, Health, Comfort, and Protect Electronics and Wood Finishes from Dry Arid Air with a New Top Rated Residential Humidifier. We Offer Great Deals on Quiet Indoor Home Humidifier Systems with Consoles, at the Best Discount Online Sales Prices!

Humidity levels inside the home are so important for health and comfort. Keeping your home’s relative humidity around the recommended 40% - 55% is also important for your energy efficiency and heating, as well as protecting wood, molding, floors, furniture and other wooden accents. Maintaining proper humidly levels even prevents the build of static electricity, which causes unpleasant and somewhat painful surprises when you touch someone or something. This also protects electronic devices from accidental and potentially damaging static electric discharges. Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air, compared to how much moisture that same volume of air could hold before becoming saturated. Relative humidity simply describes how much water vapor is in the air.

Indoor humidity levels are often too low in dry arid climates, as well as in places that experience cold weather. As outdoor air temperatures drop, the air is not able to hold as much moisture. This causes the air to become more and more dry the colder it gets. As it gets colder outside you also have to use your home’s indoor air heating more frequently, which causes additional moisture loss.  In dry desert regions such the Phoenix AZ area, even though outdoor daytime winter temperatures may only drop down into the mid 70’s, it falls to the mid to low 50’s overnight. Also, the year-round relative humidity is only around 35%. This is about 10% to 15% percent lower than what is best for energy efficiency, protecting wood finishes, computers, and other electronics, as well as creature comfort and health. Buying a new residential air humidifier will help keep your home’s humidity levels between the recommend levels. 

Health and Comfort

If the air inside your home is dry it will have s a negative effect on how you, your family, friends, pets and other guest feel while there. People with indoor allergies, asthma, and other chronic breathing difficulties may experience an increase in symptoms when the air inside your home is dry. In residential homes, with lower than recommended humidity levels, people may also notice discomforts such as coughing, irritated eyes and noses, breathing issues, chapped lips, cracked sinus and itchy skin. Dry air also feels colder. This is because cold air absorbs moisture from your skin, which causes a cooling effect similar to what you feel when you perspire.  This means may turn the temperature up without noticing any comfortable difference, causing you to turn the heater up more and more, wasting money, and energy, while causing the air to become even less humid. Viruses, bacteria and germs, that cause the cold and flu, typically survive longer in colder air than they do in warm, moist air. This is why a cold air inside your home with lower than recommended humidly levels can cause a fairly large increase in cold and flu infections. Adding moisture to the air of your home with a quiet, residential console humidifier will help you, your family, and guests stay healthy and comfortable.

Energy Efficiency and Heating

Whether you rent or own your home increasing heating and energy costs are a concern for everyone.  One of the most important, and often over looked benefits of keeping your home’s humidity levels between the recommended 45% and 55% with a quiet top-rated residential console humidifier, is it helps improve energy efficiency. As the weather cools and you start using your home’s heating system more, the more energy is used, and the more money is wasted. Dry air feels colder than moist air, and holds less heat. When you do not have the best home humidifier, as the heating system is used more it removes moisture from the air. This causes the air to hold less heat, and feel colder, as it pulls moisture away from our bodies. This causes the residential heater to have to be ran more, which causes the air to become even drier, allowing it to hold even less heat, and feel colder at warmer temperatures as it pulls more moisture away from people’s bodies, and so on in a never ending, hugely expensive and energy wasting cycle.

Investing in the best home humidifier with console will keep the air’s humidity between the recommended levels. This will allow the air to hold more heat, and feel warmer than drier air at the same temperature. This will prevent your residential heater from being ran as often, and allow your home to get more out of the heat and energy from the heating system when it is on. Buying the best home console humidifier will help to improve energy efficiency, and reduce those otherwise expensive winter time heating costs. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on home improvements to increase energy efficient. Buy a new, top rated home humidifier and  you will notice a reduction in your residential heating and energy costs.

Protecting Electronics, People & Finishes

Dry air causes wood to dry out and crack, as moisture is pulled out of the wood. Look around your home and you will most likely see a lot of wood furniture, molding, and other wooden accents. Replacing wood furniture can be expensive. Old, cracked wood molding and finishes besides not looking very good will also decrease the value of your home, and create the need for expensive refurbishing. Buying a quiet residential console humidifier will help keep your home’s wood molding, floors and finishes looking new, by preventing them from drying out and cracking, saving you money not having to replace them, and helping to preserve your home’s value.

Dry air also creates the build of static electricity. When the air is dry there is a lack of water molecules that would otherwise collect on the surface inside the home, and prevent the buildup of static electric charges. Static electrical charges are surprising, somewhat painful and unpleasant. Static electricity is not only uncomfortable for people, it can also build up and cause hugely expensive damage to your home and mobile electronics such as computers, and smart phones. A large discharge from built up static electricity can actually lead to damage, or even the outright ruin of expensive electronics. Keeping your home’s humidity levels between 45% and 55% will help prevent the buildup of static electricity, and their unpleasant discharges. Investing in the best home humidifier system with console will often save you money in the long run not having to replace damaged or broken electronics and wood finishes.

How Residential Humidifiers Add Moisture & What to Look for When Buying

Top rated residential humidifiers add moisture the air of your home, by directly adding water vapor to it. The addition of the extra moisture in the form of vaporized water increases residential humidity to recommended levels. A new, quiet and top-rated home humidifier is the best solution to prevent dry air, and low humidity inside your home. There are a few different types home humidifier systems that create and add water vapor differently from each other. Depending on the size of the home or room, climate and sometimes heating system, determines which indoor home console humidifier is best for your residential needs.  This why it is good idea to review the different types of new top-rated residential humidifiers for sale online before buying to make sure you invest in the best console humidifier for home’s needs. It is also a good idea to call or email if you have any questions before ordering to make sure you buy the best home humidifier for you.

Why Buy Your Home Humidifiers from Us

At we offer a huge selection of quiet, new, top-rated residential console humidifiers, at the best possible cheap discount prices. Regardless of the type of home humidifier you want or the size of the home or room you are buying a residential humidifier for we have the best console humidifier for you, at cheap, discount online sales price.  We make it easy and affordable for you to find, and buy, the best residential humidifiers for any home or size room. All of our top-rated home humidifiers with consoles are split into easy to navigate type-based categories. Each of the quiet high quality, top rated, and affordable residential humidifiers we have for sale have detailed product information, and specifications to make it as easy possible for you to find and buy the best indoor home humidifier for your residential needs.

Being an online based home humidifier store we do not have the expensive operating costs of traditional stores, and online mega sites, offering residential console humidifiers. These savings allow us to offer the best home humidifiers at everyday cheap discount online sales prices. Making it affordable for you to buy the best home humidifier to keep your, your family and guests healthy and comfortable. Not to mention protect expensive electronics, wood finishes and furniture, all while increasing energy efficiency, and reducing heating costs. If you have any questions about the different types of new, top rated residential humidifiers, or need any help finding and buying the best, quiet, console home humidifier for your needs, give us a call, or send us an email, and one of our residential humidifier experts will be happy to help.

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