Kitchen Ventilation Range Hoods

Hauslane's mission is to design a better home cooking experience for you and your family.What Makes Hauslane Different? Unlike other brands, Hauslane specializes in range hoods. By doing so, they’ve built deep expertise in what it takes to deliver a top-notch cooking experience at home without breaking the bank. You won’t find cheap, poorly constructed products here. Hauslane range hoods are built to perform and last.

Powerful Motors
A range hood is only as good as its suction power, and Hauslane range hoods approach or exceed the highest grade motors—those used in professional kitchens.

Cutting-edge Filtration
The filtration system extracts the grease particles from harmful cooking fumes and recirculates the clean air or pumps it out of your home depending on the model.

Design for Every Kitchen
Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes—Hauslane’s product line features a range of options to fit any kitchen. We offer wall-mounted units, island units, ducted and ductless models, and much more.

Buy your Hauslane kitchen vent hoods, filters and parts here with confidence. Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized Hauslane kitchen range hoods dealer, providing access to all Hauslane products and parts at the best possible cheap discount online sales prices with free shipping. Call or email us with any Hauslane questions you may have at 800-701-2513 or and we'll be happy to help!

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