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Keep You and Your Family Safe from Airborne Viruses, Germs, Bacteria, Mildew and Mold Buying the Best Filterless Residential Germicidal UV Air Cleaner. We offer a Great Selection of Top Rated Residential Filter Free Ultraviolet Air Purification Systems with Lab-Grade Antimicrobial 36 Watt UV Light Bulbs that Sanitize the Air Killing 99.99% of all Harmful Airborne Microbes, at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices.

Your house is your sanctuary. A place you feel safe, secure and comfortable. However, it is often the things we cannot see that can cause the most harm to our health and wellbeing. Illness causing viruses, bacteria and germs as well as mildew and mold spores are the most common causes of colds, flu, respiratory infections and other common health problems. This is why we wash our hands regularly, use antibacterial hand sanitizer, clean surfaces with bleach, or other antimicrobial disinfectants that kill viruses, germs and bacteria. But what about the air in your home that you breathe, and are constantly in-contact with? Viruses, germs, bacteria, mildew, mold and other harmful microorganisms become airborne in a variety of ways. If someone is sick and they cough, sneeze or even in some cases just talking and breathing will pass that bacteria, germ or virus to the air.  Many viruses, germs and bacteria are able to survive on surfaces for up to 10 days. Once on a surface just a small breeze from someone walking by can be enough for microorganisms to become airborne. Traditional indoor residential air cleaner units are great at removing particle and chemical pollutants, which is very important, but do nothing to remove airborne viruses, bacteria, germs, mildew or mold. Even the best residential indoor air purification systems are powerless against illness causing microbes if they do not have an Ultraviolet germicidal UV light to sanitize the air.

This is because viruses, bacteria and germs are microorganisms that cannot be trapped and removed by a traditional filtration system. They are far too small. The best way to remove harmful microorganisms from the air of your home is to kill them with a top rated and affordable filter-free antimicrobial residential UV air cleaner machine. You could buy antiviral air sprays, which are effective germicidal air purifiers. However, these filterless antimicrobial indoor air cleaners use unnatural chemical sanitizers to kill the bacteria, germs and viruses, that you then breathe and have settle all over your skin and surfaces. These chemicals can be hazardous, and harmful to home electronics. These is why you have to cover your electronics and leave the home before an antimicrobial treatment. This type of germicidal air sanitizer is also a onetime treatment that needs to be repeated. The best most effective and all-natural way of removing/killing bacteria, viruses and germs is with a filterless residential Ultraviolet air cleaner unit. The best residential filter-free UV air purifiers use safe and effective lab grade antimicrobial Ultraviolet light bulbs to kill over 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, mildew and other harmful cold and flu causing microorganisms that traditional home air cleaners cannot.

The best filterless residential UV air sanitizers Ultraviolet bulbs produce lab-grade UV-C light rays and ions, which destroy the nucleic acids of viruses, germs, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms by disrupting their DNA with UV radiation. This leaves illness causing mildew, mold, viruses, bacteria, germs and other microbes unable to perform vital cellular functions, instantly killing them. The best residential Ultraviolet air purifiers UV light bulbs effectively kill over 99.99% of bacteria, germs, viruses, mildew, mold and other all other cold and flu causing microorganisms its light contacts. As well as removes their musty smells. Because antibacterial filterless UV air purification systems are completely safe for people, pets, and electronics you don’t have to disrupt your life, or worry about how long it’s been since you last sanitized the air of your home. Top rated antiviral filter free residential UV air cleaners are always on, silently removing airborne bacteria, viruses, germs, mildew and mold. This is why every home needs a filterless Ultraviolet germicidal air cleaning machine that produces the UV light needed to completely sanitize the home’s air.

Buying the best filter-free residential Ultraviolet air cleaning unit for your home will keep you, your family, friends and pets safe from harmful cold and flu causing viruses, bacteria and germs, as well as mildew and mold. A top rated filterless home UV air sanitizer will help you and your family live and feel better, take fewer sick days, make less doctor’s visits and need fewer medications. Saving you time, and money in the long run. Not to mention improve your overall quality of life. The other great thing about top rated residential filter-free germicidal UV air purification systems are they are filterless, so there is never an expensive filter you have to worry about clogging up and having to replace. However, you will have to replace the germicidal Ultraviolet UV light bulb from time to time, but this is easy and relatively inexpensive.

At Air Purifiers and, we offer a great selection of the best filterless residential UV air sanitizer machines with true lab-grade 36-watt germicidal ultraviolet air purifying light bulbs. Our affordable and top rated residential filterless indoor UV air cleaners kill over 99.99% of all cold and flu causing viruses, bacteria, and germs as well as mildew and mold their light contacts. No matter what type of antiviral residential filterless UV air cleaner you need we have the best, and most affordable top rated indoor Ultraviolet air purification unit for your home. Regardless of its size, or the size of the room. All of the filter free residential Ultraviolet air sanitizer systems we have for sale use powerful lab grade UV light bulbs that kill over 99.99% of all bacteria, virus and germ, as well as remove mold and mildew spores their light contacts. They are also all made from top-rated manufactures with industries best features and warranties.

Being an online based residential indoor air purifiers store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional big box stores. These savings allow us to offer the best filterless antibacterial residential UV air cleaners, with germicidal lab grade 36-Watt Ultraviolet light bulbs, at cheap discount online sales prices. We also provide detailed product information, and high-resolution photos for all of the top rated and affordable antimicrobial filter-free residential UV air purifier machines we have for sale. Making it easy and affordable for you to find and buy the best virus, germ and bacteria killing filterless residential Ultraviolet air cleaner for your home. If you have any questions about the top rated and affordable germicidal Ultraviolet UV light air purification systems, we have for sale please let us know by phone or email, and we will be more than happy to help you find the best antibacterial residential UV air sanitizer for you.

Buy your germicidal UV air cleaner today to protect you, your family, pets and guests from harmful cold and flu causing airborne viruses, germs, bacteria, mildew and mold. 

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