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Remove Harmful Hazardous Organic, Plastic, Aluminum and other Metal Dust Particles Safely, and without Expensive Filters, Buying the Best Commercial Water Filter Wet Air Scrubbers. We offer the Best Industrial Wet Dust Collection and Extraction Systems at Discount Online Sales Prices.

Why Do Industrial Manufacturing Facilities Need Wet Dust Collection Systems?

Many important industrial manufacturing processes we rely today to build the world we live in, create hazardous, and often flammable organic, metal, and plastic dust particles. These hazardous particles have to be filtered and removed from the air for health and safety. This is done with either a wet dust collector, or a dry dust extractor. Wet dust collection and extraction systems, commonly called wet air scrubbers, use water to remove metal and other hazardous dust, while dry dust extractors use a filter. When machining, sawing, grinding, buffing, polishing, drilling, cutting, abrasive blasting, or performing other common manufacturing process the metal, ceramic, plastic, or other material creates this hazardous, and in many cases potentially explosive shavings and dust particles that has to be removed with either a commercial wet air scrubber or other industrial dust collection system. Commonly used metals that create combustible dust are Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium, and Niobium.  

When aluminum or other explosive metal and organic dust particles are not removed with a commercial dust collection system and accumulate something as small as a static electric discharge can cause these dust clouds to explode. Besides explosions people exposed to metal dust are at higher risk for chronic lung conditions. Prolonged exposure to metal dust like steel, iron and cobalt can result in lung conditions such as siderosis and black lung. Silicosis is a lung disorder caused by the buildup of silica dust. Silica dust comes from many common industrial organic materials such clay and other ceramics. Symptoms of silicosis include shortness of breath, dry cough, high susceptibility to lung infections such as tuberculosis, and emphysema. This is why OSHA regulations have established minimum personal exposure limits for dust particles from solids. Commercial facilities have to make sure airborne dust levels stay below OSHA’s exposure thresholds, and many of today’s top industrial manufacturing facilities are choosing to do this with the best wet air scrubbers dust collection and extraction systems that use water for their hazardous dust removing air cleaning filter. 

How Do Wet Air Scrubbers Work and What are Their Benefits?

Some of the main reasons why many of today’s largest commercial manufactures are choosing the best wet air scrubbers for the airborne collection and extraction of hazardous dust are improved safety and cheaper operating costs. Industrial water dust collectors safely remove hazardous aluminum, other metals and flammable dust by mixing the dust particles with the water filter. This creates sludge which after is easily disposed of by dumping out the sludge and replacing it with fresh water. Wet dust collection systems decrease the risk of fire and explosion, because water scrubs the air traveling through the collector, mixing with the metal or other hazardous dust. This ensures that even if there is an ignition source, there is not any dust cloud or dry dust shavings trapped inside the air purifiers chamber that can ignite. Other commercial dust collectors can be used for this, but require a variety of safety features, which are expensive and can fail. Their dust extracting air filters over time become saturated, and have to be replaced. The replacement commercial dust collection filters are not cheap. In fact, many manufacturers of filter using industrial dust extraction systems make very little money on the sale of the dust removing air cleaners themselves, and in some cases even sell their air purifiers at a loss. This is because they make their money on the replacement dust collection filters, which they know their customers will have to buy on an ongoing basis after buying their air cleaning machine.  

Wet air scrubbers use water as their filter, so they do not have any expensive filter that will become sutured and need to be replaced.  This saves industrial manufacturers a lot of money. If you are a large company with many locations the cost of replacing the air purifiers dust collecting filters on an annual basis is a line item that always seems wrong and way too high. Eating into profits, which could be used for expansion, and or better wages. Also, because wet dust extraction systems use water, and there is never a dangerous saturated filter that has to be replaced. When a saturated filter has to be replaced, the person replacing it may expose themselves to harmful dust particles and shavings. If the filters are not being carefully monitored, become oversaturated and are not replaced this is also dangerous. As the filter becomes more and more saturated it stops being able to collect and remove the airborne metal, ceramic, plastic or other hazardous dust, and may eventually even start blowing back out some of the dust it has collected. With the best water dust collection systems you never have to worry about someone being exposed to harmful dust particles while changing the filter, or filter becoming overly saturated and not working because there is not one. You do have to change the water, but that is safe, easy, and only the cost of water. This makes the best wet dust collectors safer and cheaper than most other industrial dust extraction systems.

Not All Wet Dust Collection Systems are for Flammable Dust

A common misconception is that all wet air scrubbers are explosion proof, or only good for aluminum, and other flammable metals and organic dust. With the majority of information about wet dust collectors online, it would be easy to think that all water filter dust collection and extraction systems are explosion proof or made for aluminum metal and other flammable dust only. However, this is not true.  Wet dust collectors are a good choice for non-explosive dust as well, and not all industrial water air cleaners are made for aluminum, and other combustible metal and organic dust. If you have hazardous dust that is not flammable, but you do not want to worry about exposure to the dust when the filter is being changed, or do not want to spend a bunch of money or replacement filters, the best commercial wet dust collection and extraction system is a great choice. When choosing a wet air scrubber, it is important to make sure you buy the best one for your needs. There are wet dust collectors that are not made for flammable dust, and some types of flammable dust can actually be activated by water. This is why it is so important to make sure you do the research and buy the best wet air scrubber for your dust collection needs. Whether you need to remove flammable or non-flammable metal shavings or other hazardous dust, the best wet air scrubber for the job, is often going to be your, best, safest and most cost-effective option. 

Why Buy Industrial Wet Dust Collection Systems from Us 
At our online air purifiers and cleaners store we offer the best industrial wet air scrubbers for hazardous dust. We carry explosion proof and non-explosion proof water filter air cleaners at the best discount online sales prices. Whether you need to remove flammable aluminum or other metal dust shavings, dust from organics, plastics or other hazardous material, we have the best wet dust collection systems for your needs. Being an online based air purifiers and cleaners store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores and large direct to customer manufactures of industrial wet air scrubbers. These savings allow us to offer the best water filter wet dust extraction systems for extraction of hazardous dust at the lowest possible wholesale like online sales prices. We also provide detailed product information and are happy to help answer any questions you may have to make sure you buy the best wet air scrubber or other type of industrial dust collector for you. We sell all types of commercial air cleaners. Our only goal is to help make sure you buy the best commercial dust extraction system at the best price for the type of metal, organic, plastic or other hazardous dust created by your industrial processes and materials.  
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