Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Get an Easy to Maintain, Quiet and Extremely Energy-Efficient Ultrasonic Humidifier for Your Home that Immediately Creates A Low-Cost, Soothing Mist. We Offer Top-Rated Portable Ultrasonic Residential Humidifiers for Any Size Room Large or Small, on Sale at the Best Discount Prices with Free Shipping!

Humidifiers are the best way to make sure your rooms have enough moisture in the air. Having enough moisture in the home prevents a variety of health issues and prevents your skin and furniture from drying out. However, most residential humidifiers for sale take time to heat up, create mist and begin to humidify the air of your home. Many humidifiers are also noisy, use a lot of electricity, have high energy costs and require lots of maintenance. This is not only annoying because of the extra noise--it can also be expensive.

Top-rated ultrasonic residential humidifiers for sale are some of the best home humidifiers on the market. They are quiet,  extremely energy efficient, and immediately deliver that soothing mist of moisture to the air. 
Unlike other residential humidifiers, ultrasonic units create instantaneous humidity. Because the mist created by ultrasonic humidifiers is achieved by oscillation not heat, you don’t have to wait for a heating element to raise the water temperature. 

Ultrasonic humidifiers work by using a metal diaphragm that vibrates or oscillates at a high ultrasonic frequency in a body of water. The water tries to follow the ultrasonic frequency but cannot because of its weight and mass inertia. This creates a momentary vacuum on the negative oscillation, causing the water to turn into vapor. The diaphragm or piezo-electric transducer follows this with a positive oscillation that creates high pressure compression waves on the water's surface, releasing tiny vapor molecules into the air. This is an extremely fine mist that is quickly absorbed into the air of the room.

Other than immediate humidification, another huge advantage of ultrasonic humidifiers is the energy savings. Compared to other types of residential humidifiers for sale, top rated ultrasonic humidifiers use an average of 93% less electricity to humidify the same size room! The best ultrasonic humidifiers easily pay for themselves in a single year of energy savings. Because they are so much more efficient they are also much smaller than other home humidifiers, making them more portable and easier to move from room to room.

Another advantage of residential ultrasonic humidifiers is they require very little maintenance, and what maintenance is required is very easy. Unlike other home humidifiers for sale, there are no pans to scrub, no infrared bulbs to change, and no steam canisters to replace. They are easy to clean, especially if you use purified water, which also eliminates contaminants from the water vapor released into the air. If you do not use purified water, any contaminants or minerals in the water will be released into the air of the room--to prevent this, simply choose an ultrasonic humidifier with filters that clean the water before vaporizing.

Here, we offer the best residential ultrasonic humidifiers perfect for any room of the home, large or small. Our ultrasonic humidifiers are extremely energy efficient, small, portable, quiet and affordable. No matter what type of residential ultrasonic humidifier you want for your home, we have the best misting unit for you, on sale at cheap discount price you can afford. If you have any questions or need any help finding the best ultrasonic humidifier for your home or room, please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. 
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