What is MCS?  

What is MCS? MCS stands Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and refers to a condition where people develop headaches, burning, stinging eyes, nose, throat as a result of exposure (sometimes even very light exposure) to airborne chemicals and odors . MCS is also known as  Chemical Injury, Chemical Sensitivity, Environmental Illness (E.I.), and Multiple Allergy. MCS is an actual medical diagnosis and is not to be taken lightly. If you have MCS, you know that this ailment is very real, not 'all in your head' as some would say.  

For these highly-sensitive individuals, simple cooking odors, chemicals smells from cleaning products under the sink or one of many other household odors / chemicals can trigger a severe reaction ranging from irritated eyes, throat, nose, migraine headaches, even severe, possibly life-threatening allergic type reactions. Literally even tiny amounts of vapors from solvents, VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), perfumes, gasoline / diesel fumes, smoke, dry cleaned clothing, is sometimes enough to create a reaction. Many people have not been formally diagnosed but suffer when then are exposed to these irritants. If you haven't been diagnosed with MCS, ask you self: Do I have any of the following reactions on a regular basis, or when exposed to chemicals / odors?

burning, stinging eyes, wheezing, breathlessness, nausea, extreme fatigue/lethargy, headache/migraine/vertigo/dizziness, poor memory & concentration, runny nose (rhinitis), sore throat, cough, sinus problems, skin rashes and/or itching skin , sensitivity to light & noise, sleeping problems, digestive upset, even muscle & joint pain.

If you have any of the above symptoms on a regular basis that seem to be unexplained, or seem to happen around odors, smells, etc, you could have MCS and not be aware of it. You could even have chemical vapors floating around in your home air that are causing you problems, as most homes do. To be sure if you have MCS or not, check with your doctor. For more information, do a search on Google for the term "what is MCS".

In the meantime, one thing you can do to dramatically reduce or even possibly eliminate your symptoms in your home or work environment is to purchase an air purifier that is designed specifically to remove these chemical agents from your indoor air. These units utilize not only a powerful HEPA filtration system removing 99.97% of particles from the air, they also have a substantial activated carbon filter with special blends to absorb specific things that are floating in your air, causing problems. And be advised--just because an air purifier boasts an activated carbon filter does not mean that is 1) enough carbon to do the job or 2) it's the right type of carbon for YOU that will not cause a further reaction just from having the wrong type of carbon!

Seriously--if you suspect that you have MCS or you are very sensitive to these chemical and odors elements, it is best to be sure of what is going into your air purifier. For your health's sake, do not blindly trust other purifiers that say they're good for MCS . With ALLER AIR, you can rest assured that they are routinely approved by and recommended by physicians for MCS patients.

To make sure you get the right air purifier for your needs, and the right carbon blend,  ALLER AIR requires a Carbon Test Kit to be purchased prior to purchasing the air purifier. The kit is $99.98 and this amount will be applied to the purchase price of the ALLER AIR MCS air purifier of your choice.  The "D" below units feature a heavier, thicker carbon filter for enhanced adsorption of chemicals (those that are extra sensitive may want to choose this option). 

The test kit is listed below. We recommend that you purchase the kit first and follow the instructions. Once you find the carbon blend that works safely for you, let us know which air purifier you have chosen and we will make sure that the carbon filter is loaded with your blend. 

What is MCS?  It's a serious sensitivity to airborne chemicals and odors that must be taken seriously.  You may not be able to control all exposures outside your home, but inside your home, know that you can eliminate 99% or more of these chemicals with an Aller Air air purification system.  Aller Air has an excellent track record and successful case histories on file, as well.

Shop with confidence.   We're as serious about MCS as you are.  As always, call us if you have any questions  1-800-701-2513

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