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Enjoy the Best Air Quality and Style for Your Home, Room or Office with Stadler Form USA! Here You Can Find the Award Winning Viktor Electronic Air Purifier, William Ultrasonic Humidifiers, Albert Dehumidifiers, Otto Fans, Jasmine Aromatherapy Products, Replacement Filters, as well as Nordosil MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths, all at Cheap Discount Prices with Free Shipping!


Since 1998, Stadler Form USA has created amazing, high quality air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, personal fans & heaters, & aromatherapy diffusers that enable you to quickly create the high level of indoor air quality, comfort and style you want—at an affordable price.  Stadler Form products not only perform extremely well, but also bring that attractive Swiss style that enhances the décor of any home room or office, instead of taking away from it like most competing appliances in these categories.  
Some of the stars of the Stadler Form family include: 
  • Super-compact Otto Fan in bamboo or beautiful African saeple wood provides stylish, portable air cooling wherever you might need it;
  • William & Hydra Ultrasonic Humidifiers with comforting, sinus & allergy symptom relieving moisture to the air, without the usual ‘white dust’ created by most ultrasonic humidifiers
  • Albert is one the most effective, and stylish dehumidifiers available, with high-tech features like a built in hygrometer to let you read the humidity level in any home, room or office at glance, any time of day;
  • The Stadler Form Jasmine line of aromatherapy diffusers is one of the most popular and affordable ways to add enjoyable fragrances and the health benefits of essential oils to your indoor air!
  • Stadler’s amazing Nordosil MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths are available here, too! Super absorbent, easy to wash, great for all purpose cleaning, and dusting, with no lint and they’re FAR cheaper than using paper towels!  
  • And many more!
Whatever you’re looking for—a quality air purifier, dehumidifier, humidifier, fan, heater, microfiber cleaning cloth, or aromatherapy diffuser, Stadler Form has a great-looking, high-performance product that will make your life easier, and make your home, room, or office more comfortable and beautiful! Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized Stadler Form dealer, offering all of their quality products at the best discount prices with free shipping every day.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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