Stadler Form Oskar BIG Large Room  Evaporative Humidifier
Stadler Form Oskar BIG Large Room  Evaporative Humidifier
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Oskar BIG Evaporative Humidifier

A Super Quiet, Low-Maintenance, Energy-Efficient Large Room Humidifier. Perfect for Living Rooms, Baby Rooms, or Connected Rooms Up to 650 Sq Ft, with Bacteria & Mold Killing Ionic Silver Cube & Filter Wick, a Buillt-In Humidity Meter, & More!

Looking for a safe, energy-efficient, and quiet large room humidifier?  Well, look no further!  Oskar BIG is one of the best humidifiers on the market, with tons of value and performance.
The Oskar BIG Evaporative Humidifier is designed to cheaply, quietly--and safely—humidify large connected rooms or single rooms up to 650 square feet with one unit. That means you can even humidify a whole living area or floor with one unit, which immediately saves you money by not having to buy another humidifier for other rooms.

Oskar BIG is Clean & Super-Safe:  Unlike many evaporative humidifiers that use a wick, Oskar BIG has a specially coated ‘filter wick’ that kills and prevents mold and bacteria growth. Oskar BIG also includes the famous Stadler Form Ionic Silver Cube that continously disinfects the water and prevents mold & bacteria growth, as well.  That means you’ll only be breathing clean, humidified air, not more bacteria or mold that can make health problems worse. And, since Oskar BIG doesn’t use a heating element, there’s nothing to overheat or catch fire, either. 
Oskar BIG is Perfect for Baby Rooms & Sleeping Areas: Since Oskar BIG is very quiet, it’s great for baby rooms, infant rooms or other sleeping areas. Oskar BIG also has dimmable LED lights, which are also good for not disturbing babies or anyone else while they sleep.  Oskar big also has a BIG 1.5 gallon tank and can run a full 12 hours on one filling--which means fewer sleep interruptions caused by having to refill a tank!
Oskar BIG is Energy-Efficient: Oskar BIG only uses 8-30 watts of power—less than most light bulbs.  And since this unit doesn’t use a heating element, it’s not using any energy to heat the water, either, making Oskar BIG one of the best ‘penny pincher’ evaporative humidifiers around. Oskar BIG also has a built-in humidity meter, so you can set it to the exact humidity level you want and forget it. When the humidity reaches the desired level, the fan shuts off, saving even more energy and becoming virtually silent.
Oskar BIG is Aromatherapy Capable:  Just add a few drops of your favorite essential or aromatherapy oils to the scent compartment and enjoy!  Many other humidifiers do not allow the use of aromatherapy oils, so Oskar BIG can even take the place of an aromatherapy diffuser and save you money there, too!
So if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, safe, and energy efficient large-room evaporative humidifier, Oskar BIG is an excellent choice. Try one today and see what a difference perfectly humidified air can make!
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  • Type: Humidifier
  • Rated power: 8 to 30 Watt
  • Output: Max 3.5 gallons per day 
  • Tank Capacity: 1.5 gallons
  • Room Application: 650 Square Feet
  • 4 output levels
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Night Mode
  • Filter Change Reminder
  • Water Level Window
  • Fragrance Dispenser
  • Sound Level 25-46 dB
  • Integrated Hygrostat
  • Weight 8.6 lbs 
  • Dimensions: 18.6"W x 11.5"H x 7.9"D

Replacement Filter Cassettes (Wicks) –with a special anti-bacterial and mold resistant coating—replace every 2-3 months.

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