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Control Indoor Airborne Chemical and Particle Pollutants and Breathe Clean Healthy Air, by Buying the Best Air Purifier Units with True HEPA Filters and the Best Carbon Filtration Systems. At Air Purifiers and, we offer Top-Rated Indoor Air Filtration Systems that Remove over 99% of all Airborne Pollutants, at the Lowest Online Sales Prices with Free Ground Shipping.


Chemical and particle indoor air pollution is proven to cause a variety of health problems, no matter your age, gender, general health or where you live. Many people think that because they are indoors the air is cleaner. However, indoor air quality, when not scrubbed with the best indoor air purification unit passing through both a HEPA and carbon filtration system, is much poorer. This is because chemical and particle pollutants from everyday things get trapped indoors and quickly accumulate due to the insulation. This causes pollutants to be much more concentrated, making indoor air 5-10 times more polluted on average than outdoor air, when you are not using a top rated air cleaner, which you can find and buy for sale online. This number can be even bigger if there are additional or steady sources of chemical or particle pollutants. Opening a window or using an air conditioner that brings in ‘fresh’ air can dilute the concentration of the chemical and particle pollutants that were already in the room, but will of course not remove or prevent them from them re-accumulating.  There are also chemical and particle pollutants in the outdoor air that not even the best A/C filters can stop. The only way to remove the chemical and particle pollutants and make sure you are breathing healthy clean air is to invest in a top rated indoor air purifier unit with the best HEPA filtration system and ideally also an activated carbon filter.

There are many different types of top rated high quality indoor air purifiers for sale. Depending on the environment, size of the space, types of chemical and particle pollutants and your budget determines what type and model of indoor air cleaner unit is best for you. No matter what type of indoor air scrubber or system is best for you, it needs to include a HEPA filter. HEPA or high-efficiency particulate arresting also sometimes called high-efficiency particulate air; is a type of air purification filter used to remove airborne particles. For an air cleaner’s particle filter to qualify as a true HEPA purifier and meet the United States Department of Energy (DOE) standard it must remove 99.97% of particles (from the air that passes through the filtration system) that have a size of 0.3 µm. Indoor air cleaner units for sale with true HEPA filters are extremely effective at removing all types of un-healthy airborne particle pollutants. It is also a good idea to make sure the indoor air purifier you buy has a top rated activated carbon filtration system. HEPA filters are needed to remove particles, but are unable to remove harmful chemical pollutants. This is where the activated carbon comes in.  The best activated carbon filters are laboratory-proven to remove 95-99% of all of these harmful chemical pollutants. Many new systems and indoor air cleaner units for sale also include UV lights to kill bacteria.

When buying an indoor air scrubber, no matter what type of air filtration unit is best for you, you want to buy one from a proven, top-rated brand, and avoid the ‘cheap air purifier trap’.  Cheap air cleaners sold at most department stores are not made as well and don’t feature true HEPA filters or the same top rated activated carbon filtration systems, found in the best indoor air cleaners for sale. This can result in higher cost from replacing a broken units and poor indoor air filtration.  Spending a bit more upfront on a top-rated indoor air purifier with the best true HEPA and carbon filters will ensure you get a long last indoor air cleaner and that the chemical and particle pollutants are getting properly scrubbed and removed. When it comes to your and other people’s health and well being it just doesn’t make sense to try to cut corners financially, especially when you consider what you will save in healthcare costs in the long run. Many people start seeing savings and have their air purifier unit pay for itself within a few months of breathing clean HEPA and carbon filtered air, by reducing doctor’s visits and medications. Plus the best indoor air cleaners are really very affordable. No matter your budget, there will be a variety of top rated indoor air purifiers for sale online that have true HEPA filters and the best activated carbon filtration systems that you can afford. 

 At Air Purifiers and, we offer a great selection of the best indoor air filtration systems and units with true HEPA and activated carbon filters that will remove and control over 99% of all airborne chemical and particle pollutants.  Whatever your situation, we have the perfect  air purifier system for you, at the best possible online sales price, with free ground shipping ,to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to breathe clean healthy air whenever you are indoors. We have split our top rated air cleaner units into type based categories and provide detailed information on the category and individual product pages to help you find and buy the best air cleaner unit or filtration system for you. Being an online based indoor air scrubbers store, we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional department stores. These savings allow us to offer the best air purifiers with true HEPA filters and top rated activated carbon filtration systems, at the lowest possible online sales prices. We also have a team of the best indoor air purification experts on hand to provide free information and answers to your air cleaner questions. 

If you have any questions or need any help finding the best indoor air purifier for you, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-251.  We’re here to help!

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