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Here You Can Shop By Price For The Best, Top-Rated Home, Room & Office Air Cleaners & Electronic Indoor Air Purification Systems for Effective Allergy, Asthma, Odor, & Smoke Control, At Cheap Discount Prices PLUS Free Shipping!


If you’re looking for an air cleaner or air purification system and have a certain price range that you need to stay around, or you’re on a budget, we understand. That’s why we’ve categorized our top-rated electronic air purifiers and filtration units in several price brackets to make it easy for you to buy the right air purifier, at the right price.  
Buying an air purifier is an important step toward improving and maintaining good health, and sometimes the best air filtration units do cost a little more.  A higher price, however, isn’t always an indicator of higher quality or better air filtration. There are several brands of air cleaners on the market that carry a premium price tag, but when you compare air cleaning test results, they do not perform, remove odors, or last any longer than some of the brands that we carry that are cheaper. We have made electronic air purifier shopping easy by only selling air purifier units that are reliable and proven to remove 99.97% of smoke, odor, particles, chemicals, and help control allergies and asthma symptoms—all at the lowest prices possible.
Buying a low-cost or inexpensive air purifier is one thing, but buying a cheap air cleaner, however, is another. Cheap air cleaners are not made to the same standards nor do they perform or last as long as a top-rated air purifier. This often causes you to have to buy another cheap air purifier within a year or so, and ultimately you’ll end up spending about as much as you would have spent on a quality air purifier, but without the headaches, going back and forth to the store, etc.
Cheap air cleaners can actually be more of a hazard to your health because of air leakage around the filters—this means that unfiltered air is slipping by the filter and being blown around & inhaled more than it would if you didn’t have the cheap air purifier running.  The best air purification systems have good fitting filters that force the air through the filter so that only clean, filtered air is being allowed to go through. And top-rated air cleaners (often inexpensive) include true HEPA filters and usually several pounds of activated carbon to thoroughly clean the air in your home, room, or office—cheap air purifiers use ‘HEPA-style’ filters that don’t remove as many particles and carbon filters with tiny amounts of carbon that don’t remove odors very well. And, most cheap air cleaners have little or no warranty so if it breaks, you have no support. Not a good deal.
At Air Purifiers and you will only find top-rated, affordable air cleaners that are well known for air cleaning power and excellent value. If you’re not sure which air cleaner is best for your home, room office or have a special situation and need answers, just give us call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We have air quality experts standing by to help.  And if the air purification system or unit you want is a little more than you have at the moment, let us know—we will soon be able to offer financing assistance!
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