Maintain the Best Indoor Air Quality Possible in Your Industrial or Commercial Manufacturing Facility, School or Shop with Top-Rated Made in Canada Blade Commercial Air Purification Systems. We are an Authorized BLADE Air Purifications Systems Dealer Offering Genuine BLADE Air Filtration Units as well as New OEM Replacement HEPA Filters, Carbon Filters and UV Lamps, On Sale Here at the Best Possible Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices with Free Shipping. Call Us Toll-Free at 800-701-2513 for a Free Consultation!

It took a global pandemic for the world to realize just how precious clean air really is. And before most people thought to ask, “Can we clean the air in public spaces?”  we were building a collection of indoor air quality  solutions to do just that. 

Hi, we’re Blade. We started as a fast-growing Canadian manufacturer of air filters for the cannabis industry.  Our replaceable, environmentally friendly carbon  filter was a new answer to an old question: How  do growers manage the air in their facility in  a sustainable way? When the pandemic hit, we spotted an unmet need  in another industry: How can building and facility managers find tailored solutions to manage the  indoor air quality in their spaces?

When most of the country was working from home, we were hard at work in  our Ontario Canada manufacturing plant, developing a freestanding HEPA Air Purifier  that could capture airborne pathogens. We then established strategic partnerships with other Canadian manufacturers –  companies building industry-leading air technologies, tested by third-party labs, that  could be installed directly into an HVAC system. It gave us a way to treat entire buildings,  and it completed our suite of solutions ranging from odour control to air quality. 

Property and facility managers, engineers, school boards and government departments recognized our versatile offerings were the answer to their indoor air quality problems.  They quickly recruited us to design air quality solutions for their spaces. What if they could eliminate allergies, reduce  headaches and improve productivity? With our ASHRAE and CDC approved technology,  our air quality systems currently protect thousands  of buildings. 

You’ll find our carbon filters working  to filter the air in over 6.5 million square feet of  grow space throughout Canada. But this is just  the beginning of what innovation can bring to  the intersection of air quality and public health. It’s common to think that outdoor spaces are  the ones that improve our health, but what  if indoor spaces could keep us healthy too? These are the questions being asked by the  people in charge of the spaces where we live,  work and grow – the ones who care to improve  the health and happiness of others. And at Blade,  we’re finding answers.

We are an authorized BLADE Air Purification Systems dealer.  Order your Blade air purifiers, UV air disinfection units, and replacement filters here at our top-rated online air purification store at the best possible discount prices with fast free shipping and excellent customer service. Got a question?  Call us toll free at 800-701-2513  We are here to help!
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