SmokiUSA Model 200 Filterless Wood Fire Ovens Smoke Zapper
SmokiUSA Model 200 Filterless Wood Fire Ovens Smoke Zapper
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SmokiUSA Model 200 Filterless Smoke Zapper Air Cleaner for Wood and Coal Fired Ovens

Quickly Eliminate Smoke, Soot, Dust and Odors from Small to Medium Wood Burning and Coal-Fired Pizza Ovens & Kitchen Stoves and Meet Environmental & OSHA Codes with the Smoke Zapper Filterless Smoke Eater Air Purification System!  Eats 95% of Smoke, Removes Ash, Eliminates Odors, Extracts Fumes, and Particles with No Filters to Replace. High-Heat Capacity, Very Low Maintenance, Eco-Friendly with Fast and Easy Installation in Commercial Kitchens, Bars, Restaurants, Pizza Shops, Log Boilers, Industrial Waste Management, Incinerators, and Crematories. The Top-Rated Commercial Grade SmokiUSA 200 Filter Free Smoke Zapper Wood Fire Fume Extractor Unit is on Sale at our Air Purifiers and Cleaners Store at the Best Possible Cheap Discount Online Price with Free Shipping!  


Pollution Control for Wood or Coal Fired Ovens, Stoves, Pizza Ovens, Incinerators & More

Model 200 Filterless Smoke Eater Air Cleaner Overview

The Smoke Zapper 200 air purifier is designed to handle emissions from small to medium wood or coal fired ovens. The no fitler SZ-200 smoke eliminator manufactures an induced draft, which in most installations creates the appropriate negative pressure system without the use of an additional fan. The naturally created draft is built to match the needs of a solid fuel oven without cooling the oven or allowing smoke to escape through the oven mouth.
The top-rated commercial grade Smoke Zapper 200 air purification system requires an 8” direct chimney connection to the flue of a solid fuel oven, and can be vented through a pre-existing solid fuel chimney line or its own dedicated line.

The Smoke Zapper wood and coal fire air cleaner is a pollution control system that thoroughly eliminates 95% of soot and smoke particulate discharged through the chimney of a coal fired or wood fired oven - thereby preventing atmospheric pollution and greatly reducing the risk of a chimney fire. Comply with particulate emissions levels set forth by the EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standard.

Quick, Filterless Elimination of Smoke and Odor
Fast, Easy Installation
Compact Space-Saving Design

No Additional Fans Required
Max Airflow 375 CFM, 8" Duct Connections
Low Maintenance
Green & Eco-Friendly
Meets OSHA, EPA, Federal and Regional Codes & Regulations
CETL Certified

Kitchen Innovations 2014 Award Winner National Restaurant Association Show

The powerful filter free Smoke Zapper commercial air cleaner machine is the leading indoor and outdoor air pollution and smoke control system designed for the specific challenges of wood and coal fired ovens of all kinds. Whether a commercial kitchen, wood oven pizza parlor, or incinerator, the patented smoke eating technology is an exceptionally green and eco-friendly process that separates the top-rated Smoke Zapper air purifier from its competition with its use of a unique high-pressure water nozzle array. This array creates an induced draft which pulls smoke into the smoke, soot and odor eliminating unit, where the air or exhaust is simultaneously rinsed of particulate matter and cooled to a safe temperature. The resulting vapor is then released into the atmosphere at an average temperature of 100°F, with up to a 95% reduction of particulate matter and a 50% reduction in odor as the vapor quickly evaporates without a trace.

The powerful no filter Smoke Zapper 200 air purification unit is the most practical solution to fresh air and odor complaints, fire safety issues and regional/federal environmental codes. With its flexible installation method, low maintenance costs and engineered focus, the Smoke Zapper 200 remains the unrivaled choice in pollution control systems for wood and coal fired ovens. The filterless wood and coal fired oven smoke eater 200 is on sale at our online air purifiers and cleaners store at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. 

Better for the Environment, Better for You

The Smoke Zapper 200 no filter air cleaner is an elegantly designed smoke scrubbing technology built for use in commercial pizza ovens and any other wood or coal fired stove or oven. The Smoke Zapper 200 air purifier operates by forcing smoke through a series of highly pressurized water nozzles, stripping the smoke of particulate and gasses whilst reducing heat. The flue gasses pass through a cooled chamber and exit the unit at a an average temperature of 100°F, with an average 95% reduction of particulate matter and a 50% reduction in odor. This technology solves almost any issue regarding fire safety, neighborhood complaints, and environmental codes with wood/coal ovens.

Installation and Maintenance

The top-rated commercial Smoke Zapper air cleaner can be installed in numerous situations, whether mounted to a wall, sitting on the floor, or even placed outside of the building. The Smoke Zapper fume and particle extractor can also be attached inline of an existing chimney stack as an upgrade. Maintenance consists of a twice monthly water tank rinse using the attached hose, and a further rinse of drains and pipes twice a year. Proper maintenance of the Smoke Zapper requires less than 20 minutes per month, without the need to purchase costly filters or hire qualified engineers to perform routine cleaning procedures.

Technical Specifications:

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This Package Includes:
1  SmokiUSA SZ-200 Smoke Zapper System
1  Owner’s Manual
1  Year Warranty

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