Mold SNAP Air Sampling Cassette
Mold SNAP Air Sampling Cassette
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Mold SNAP Air Sampling Cassette 

Check for Mold & Fungal Spores in Any Indoor Space in Minutes. Works with Any Standard Air Sampling Pump 5 to 15 LPM Flow Rate, such as Evaluaire, Etc. Fast, Affordable, Accurate 3-5 Day Lab Results Available, Too!

The MoldSNAP is air sampling cassette is a fast, affordable way to sample the air in almost any home or other indoor space and test and detect for mold or fungal spores.  The Mold Snap cartridge can be used with any standard air sampling pump that can draw from 5 to 15 LPM (liters per minute).

MoldSNAP™ is a "spore trap" type of impactor (term meaning the particles impact the the media) that uses slit impaction which is known in the industry as the best collection method available for mold and fungal spore collection and testing.  

Any 5-15 LPM air sampling pumps (such as Evaluaire Basic, Test Your Nest, 2000, 4000, 5000, etc can use the mold snap air sampling cassette. Many times there aren't enough sampling cartridges in these kits to test all the areas of your home--now  you can order more to obtain a full mold and fungus analysis on all areas of concern. 

Now you don't have to wonder--you can test the air in your home for mold and fungal spores. If it's there, the Mold SNAP Air Sampling Cassette will show it!  Purchase one cartridge per area to be tested, and consider buying one extra cassette to test the air outside the building or home, or adjacent rooms or spaces to see if mold or fungal spores are flowing into your space from those areas.  

Analysis Options:

Mold & Fungus Analysis Only:  
Checks for mold or fungus spores only.

Note: If you already have an used Mold SNAP cartridge and only need analyis, choose Analysis quantities only and make sure main item quantity is zero and click add to cart, checking to make sure that only analysis quantities are in the cart.

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