Extract-All Dental 987 Clean Air HEPA Air Filtration System
Extract-All Dental 987 Clean Air HEPA Air Filtration System
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Extract-All Dental 987 Clean Air Purification System 

A Powerful Top-Rated Portable Air Portable HEPA and Carbon Filter Source Capture Air Filtration System Specifically Designed for Safe Removal of Dental Aerosol Droplets, Dental Labs and Anesthesia Applications. with 350 CFM, Commercial-Grade Activated Carbon and Multi-Density Particle Pre-Fiter, and Optional 0.1 Micron ULPA Filter, 3 Year Warranty and Quiet Operation.  Also Great for Nail Salons, Workshops, Jewelry, Electronics Repair, Dental Offices and More--all at the Best Possible Cheap Discount Online Sales Price with Free Ground Shipping!


Uses and Benefits:
  • Portable Source Capture Dental Aerosol, Dust, Fume and Odor Extractor System
  • Powerful Delivered 350 CFM Airflow
  • Strong VOC and Chemical Removal--Removes Over 99% of Most Chemical Fumes, VOC's, Aerosols and Odors
  • Strong Dust Removal--Removes 99% of Dust and other Particles as Small as 0.3 Microns, Including Smoke
  • Optional 0.1 Micron ULPA Filter Available (COVID Virus is at around 0.125 microns)
  • Compact, Portable, 120 volt, Single Phase
  • Capture-at-source for cleanest air possible
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Filter Changes
  • Complies with OSHA guidelines for controlling weld and solder fumes 
  • Best For:   Dental Aerosols & Overspray, Adhesive Glue Fumes, Anesthesia Procedures, General Laboratory Fumes & Dust, and A variety of additional applications that create dust, smoke, or other airborne contaminants or aerosols.
  • Single 3″ diameter inlet with 3″ diameter, 3' length source capture extractor arm and 6″ diameter hood
  • Three stage MERV 10 particle prefilter, multi-density panel, and 0.3 Micron HEPA filter system
  • Optional 0.12 Micron ULPA Filter Available
  • Heavy duty casters 
  • Exhaust outlet deflector
  • Helps ensure compliance with current & future OSHA regulations
  • Source capture arm has no angled joints, thus ensuring optimum airflow
  • Long life blower motor rated at 100,000 hours
  • Easy maintenance
  • Variable speed control; 7' long power cord with plug
  • All Extract-All air purifier systems feature a top-rated 3 year warranty, parts and labor
  • ORIENTATION: Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • CABINET: 18 gauge steel, polyurethane powder coated paint inside and out
  • 12-1/2” W x 12-1/2” H x 19-1/2” D in horizontal position
  • 12-1/2” W x 19-1/2” H x 12-1/2” D in vertical position
  • BLOWER: 350W, 2.8 AMPS, 120/1/60, 2000 RPM,
  • variable speed control, and power cord with plug
  • TYPICAL MOTOR LIFE: 100,000 hours - depending
  • on operating conditions, including ambient temperature,
  • duty cycle, etc.
  • MERV 10 Prefilter
  • Poly-Panel Secondary Filter
  • 99.99% 0.3 Micron HEPA Standard OR Optional 99.99% 0.12 Micron ULPA Filter 

Portable Aerosol, Dust, Fume and Odor Removal for Dental Applications

The Extract-All Model 987-DCA Compact Air Cleaning System gives you a safer, healthier workplace by capturing and removing contaminants at the source. Single station system collects and filters aerosols and splatter produced by the use of high-speed equipment such as scalers and drills.

One of the biggest concerns in dentistry relates to the potential spread of infection among both dental professionals and their patients. This unique design allows the system to be set in a vertical or horizontal position, on a bench-top or floor. Additionally, the caster base allowing for portable use as well as a 6” diameter bell hood are included standard. The system is available in two color choices- black or white.

Because of the exclusive modular design of our 987 Series, inlet covers are interchangeable. If you decide at a later date you would like a two-arm cover or downdraft cover, you can purchase those options at that time. Swapping out inlet cover options takes just seconds! Multiple filter combinations are available to accommodate countless applications that require fume, dust, smoke, and vapor removal.

Order your Extract-All Dental 987 Clean Air HEPA Air Filtration System here at a discount online sales price and enjoy effective, money-saving aerosol, fume, dust and odor removal in your dental lab, office, operatory,  or shop, or anywhere you need it! 

Save Money Shopping Online, and Don’t Get Ripped Off 

There are not many official online retailers of Extract-All quality commercial dental air filtration products and unfortunately the internet is full of scams. As a general rule of thumb, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cheap cut rate online deals often end up being a used or refurbished unit, which do not come with Extract-All top rated warranties. Or even worse, you may end up buying a cheap discount air cleaner that doesn’t have the energy efficiency, features or warranties provided by top-rated Extract-All dental lab air filtration systems. 

Why Buying From Us is Better Than Buying Direct!

Our innovative partnership with Extract-All allows us to ship directly from their warehouse, which cuts out the middle man and eliminates the high operating costs of traditional brick and mortar big box stores. These savings get passed directly to you, allowing us to offer brand new allergy and asthma symptom-eliminating Extract-All dental and anesthesia air purifiers and filters at the best possible everyday cheap discount online sales prices. And buying from us is definitely better than direct--if you buy direct, you'll have to pay shipping. Buying from us, you always get fast free ground shipping as our thanks to you for shopping with us. 

If you have any questions give us a call or send us an email and one of commercial indoor air purification experts will be happy to help!


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