Electrocorp RAP 204 Air Cleaner
Electrocorp RAP 204 Air Cleaner
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Electrocorp RAP 204 Air Cleaner

Provide Safe Air Quality in Commercial Warehouses, Industrial Workshops, Police Evidence Rooms and More with This Portable Air Purifier!  Here We Offer One of The Best Value Air Scrubbers with Your Choice of 30 Pounds of Vocarb Activated Carbon & Micro-HEPA or Medical HEPA Only to Effectively Collect Dust, Extract Chemical Fumes, Remove VOC's, Gases & More, at a Discount Price with Free Shipping!

ElectroCorp Radial Air Purifier: RAP 204 CC

The RAP 204 is a highly-portable industrial-strength air purifier perfectly suited for maintaining high air quality for applications such as: law enforcement evidence roooms, laboratories, odor control, printing and graphics shops, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, rough workshops, and many other applications. Electrocorp's radial air purifiers extract dust & fumes from 360 degrees, effectively cleaning the air in all directions at once, while keeping noise to a minimum. 

Features a 30 lb industrial-strength Vocarb carbon filter, a Micro-HEPA Wrap 99% that removes dust, fibers and particles as small as 0.1 microns, and a carbonized 10 micron pre-filter to effectively remove larger particles and chemicals before they reach the main HEPA and carbon filters, thus extending the life of those main filters. You may also order the RAP 204 with a medical grade HEPA filter only if particle removal is your main concern.

This industrial air cleaner also features a welded steel cage around the air purifier to prevent damage in a rough work environment or job site.

  • Industrial Strength Portable Air Cleaner
  • 30 Pounds of Vocarb Carbon
  • Medical Grade HEPA Filter or Micro-HEPA rated at 99% down to 0.1 microns.
  • Pre-Filters for Extending the Life of Main Filters
  • 350 CFM, with variable adustable speed!
  • Dimensions: 29" x 12"
  • Operating weight: 50 lbs
  • More carbon for medium to heavy chemical vapor control
  • Medical-grade HEPA filter 99.97% efficient to 0.1 microns (on H or CCH units only)
  • Higher Motor / Output in CFM
  • UV Light Option Available for Extra Protection from Mold, Bacteria & Other Germs

Room Size 800-1200 sq ft, 8' ceiling
Filtration System Industrial grade >10 micron pre-filter material, carbon filter wrapped with an electrostatically charged 0.1 micron 99% efficient particle filter
Carbon Weight 30 lbs
Surface Area of Carbon Media NA
Surface Area of HEPA Media NA
Electrostatic Electrostatic Particle filter, material rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns
CFM 350
Speed Variable
UV Lamp NA
Available Colors Grey/Steel
Voltage 115V/230V
Amps (115V/230V) 2 / 1
Cord Length 8 ft
Noise Level 30-55 dBA
Maneuverability Easy
Filter Access Top
Motor Details Motorized Impeller in housing
Dimensions 29 x 12 Ins. (Height x Diameter)
Shipping Weight Approx 65 lbs
Operating Weight 50 lbs
Number of Units Per Pallet Varies
CSA/UL Listed Motor and Electrical Components
Overload Protection Yes
Pressure Guage / Light Indicator No
Energy Star motor / blower / fan No
Manual Available Yes
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