Electrocorp I-6500 XL HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector
Electrocorp I-6500 XL HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector
I-6500 XL HEPA w/12"" IntakeI-6500 XL HEPA w/6" Intake
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Electrocorp I-6500 XL HEPA Cyclone Industrial Dust Collector  

Large Particle, Fine Dust, Chemical Fume & Odor Removal in One Powerful 1500 CFM Commercial-Grade Air Cleaner Filtration System. Top-Rated for Home Workshops, Woodworking, Manufacturing, Carving, Plastics & More, All at a Cheap Discount Online Sales Price with Free Shipping!


Many commercial dust collectors and air cleaner systems used in woodworking, wood carving, cabinet shops, plastic cutting & milling, and other high-dust applications either only trap the larger particles, don’t remove the large particles first (resulting in constant expensive filter changes and extra cleaning), or only trap particles and leave harmful fumes in the air. 
And if you’re working with solvents, sealants, varnishes, acrylics, reagents, etc, you'll have to buy a second air filtration system to remove the fumes.  The I-6500 XL HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector gives you powerful large particle removal, dust collection, HEPA filtration, and fume extraction, all in one heavy-duty commercial grade air cleaner.  
The I-6500 XL HEPA Cyclone Commercial Dust Collector features a 3 Stage air filtration system (actually 4 when you include the cyclonic action). First, large particles are sucked in by powerful cyclonic action, which causes these large particles to drop to the lower, cone-shaped area. Then, the air goes through a pre-filter to remove the next smaller sizes of particles, then through a medical-grade HEPA filter, and finally through either a 60 pound or 120 pound specially activated carbon filter to remove over 99% of any fumes, chemicals, gases or vapors that might be present in the air. The result: clean, fresh, fume, particle & dust free air in your workshop or room.  
Because of the commercial indoor air cleaner's Cyclone’s large particle removal stage, the pre-filters, HEPA and carbon filters tend to last longer than most dust collection systems, which means fewer filter replacements and lower costs for your business. Also the I-6500 XL HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector can be attached to an HVAC system if needed or as a stand-alone air cleaner, or used back and forth for different purposes--without having to buy a second air cleaning system.  If further protection from bacteria or viruses is desired, the optional germicidal UV lamps can be added, as well. This can be important for laboratories, mold remediation, or any areas where potentially infectious pollutants are present.

If you’re looking for a powerful all in one indoor industrial dust collector, fume extractor, and cyclonic large particle remover with lots of options, the I-6500 XL HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector Air Purifier is your best choice.  Order your Electrocorp Workshop Indoor Air Filtration System today on sale here at the best possible cheap discount online sales price!
  • Dust and Fume Collecti
  • 6" Intake or 12" Intake Options
  • Cyclone Action for Large Particle Dust Removal
  • Long-Lasting HEPA, Industrial Strength Refillable Activated Carbon Filters, and Pre-Filters.
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Output:  1500 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Dimensions 70" x 24.5" x 21" (H x W x D)
  • Shipping Weight Approx. 276-355 lbs.

Air Sanitizer UV lamps in 10 or 20 watts
6" or 12" Cyclone Unit--for extra high dust, larger operations, order 12" unit.  

Room Size 2500-3000 square feet, 8' ceiling
Filtration System 60 or 120 lb refillable carbon, 12" medical-grade HEPA, pre-filter
Carbon Weight 60 or 120 lbs Industrial strength Vocarb activated carbon
Surface Area of Carbon Media NA
HEPA Medical-grade, removes 99.97% of all airborne particles 0.3 microns in size
Surface Area of HEPA Media 29997.75 sq. in.
CFM Up to 1500 CFM delivered
Speed 2 speed
UV Lamp Available
Available Colors Blue / Black
Voltage 115/60Hz only
Amps (115V/230V) 5.4
Cord Length 8 ft
Noise Level 55-75 dBA
Maneuverability Designed as a stationary unit with lockable 3" wheels for easy placement and set up
Filter Access Front with phillips screws
Motor Details Motor with a backward curved impeller wheel/motor
Shipping Dimensions 72" x 30" x 30" (H x W x D)
Shipping Weight Approx. 355 lbs.
Operating Weight 340 lbs
Number of Units Per Pallet 1
CSA/UL Listed Certified
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