Electrocorp Clean Breeze 3 Air Filtration System
Electrocorp Clean Breeze 3 Air Filtration System
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Electrocorp Clean Breeze III Air Filtration System 

Maintain Clean, Healthy Air Quality Where You Are Working with This Top-Rated Portable Source Capture Air Purification System! Here we offer One of the Best Combination Fume Extractor and Dust Collectors with Best Quality HEPA & Activated Carbon Filters that Quickly Capture Harmful Gases, VOC's, Odors & Particles in Rooms, Workshops & More, All at a Cheap Discount Price with Free Shipping!

Harmful toxins and off-gassing... is present where art conservation and restoration takes place. Museums, galleries and archival institutions housing artifacts, artwork and historical documents should be as concerned with the health of their conservators as they are with the treasures they save. The Clean Breeze III captures chemicals, odors and particles directly at the source to keep your artifacts and employees safe from ambient air pollutants.

The Electrocorp Clean Breeze III is also used in dental offices, workshops and other applications where area-specific fume and dust removal is a must. 

Precision Air Cleaning
Electrocorp’s precision air cleaning with Source Capture, flexible arm and Carbon+HEPA technology for both gaseous (chemical and odor) and particle contaminants is all about removing airborne particles and chemicals. The Clean Breeze III is designed to capture harmful airborne contaminants at the source. Equipped with pre-filters, micro-HEPA and an activated carbon filter that offers more inches of filter depth, the Clean Breeze III captures more chemicals, gases, odors and particles than ever before. 

Technical Specifications:
3-Stage Filtration consisting of:
18 lbs of special activated carbon mix, 2.5" wall thickness
Super HEPA wrap rated at 99.99% efficient at 0.1 microns
ProDense Pre-filter

Convenience Features:
8-foot cord, Quiet 50 dB noise level on “Low”
Easy maneuverability on 4”x2” wheels
Easy pre-filter access on bottom (no tools required)
Main filter access on bottom
5' Articulating arm with 3 elbows for precision positioning
CFM: 400 rated
Motor: Motor with a blower wheel
Voltage: 115V/60Hz (230V/50/60Hz optional)
Dimensions: 23.5” x 15”
Colors: White

Eco-Friendly Features:
Metal Housing
Energy efficient
Refillable carbon canisters
North American parts and materials
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