Dylos DC 1100 Air Monitor with PC Interface
Dylos DC 1100 Air Monitor with PC Interface
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Dylos DC 1100 Air Quality Monitor with PC Interface

A Powerful, Affordable Handheld Laser Particle Counter for Quick Detection of Mold, Dust, Pollen, & Other Airborne Indoor Air Pollutants as Small as 1 Micron for Home & Industrial Air Testing--with PC Interface for Easy Viewing on a Computer.

Really want to know what's in the air in your home, office, basement, warehouse, plant, or other living or workspace? The DYLOS DC1100 PC Air Monitor can give you that information with scientific precision--FAST!  The Dylos Corporation DC1100 PC handheld laser particle counter quickly detects particle levels that could be mold fiberglass, dust mites or other particles, checks for airborne pollutants down to 1 micron & shows results on a PC. The DC1100 doesn't tell you what the particles are, but it will give you super accurate readings on how many particles are floating in your indoor air, which tells you if you need air filtration or if the air cleaner you're using is doing a good job--or not.

The DC1100 PC is a true laser particle counter with 2 particle size ranges - small (bacteria, mold, etc) large (pollen, etc.)and allows constant monitoring of indoor air quality with an LCD screen that provides a dynamic bar graph showing the actual large and small particle count readings--PLUS a COM Port computer interface / connection point that allows you to transfer the air quality data to a PC for visual evaluation, and / or sharing with those that need to know!

A 9-pin serial cable or USB-to-COM Port Adapter (not included, available at Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc) links the DC1100 to your PC or laptop which then captures the data as it samples. The graph below shows a comparison of the data captured by a DC1100 to a $4500 particle counter!  Wow-the Dylos unit performs as well or BETTER for less!  Why spend over $4000--it's just not necessary!

The DC1100 PC has multiple modes including minute, hour, day and monitor to evaluate your air quality in a way the best suits your situation, and store up to 30 days of air quality history for review / evaluation. May help you determine when a particular air quality threat was presented and possible causes! 


  • Under $250
  • Perfect for any space where air quality and safety is a concern
  • SEVERE ALLERGY / ASTHMA SUFFERERS--place this unit outside a window or in a window sill to see what the air conditions are BEFORE GOING OUTSIDE!
  • Excellent tool for contractors, shop owners, etc -- you can test the air for your clients and your employees to ensure their safety!
  • Important tool for testing air quality and SAFETY in areas recently subjected to FLOODING, or other weather damage.
  • Great for use in the home to continuously monitor air quality for you and your family--if there are any new particles floating around--you'll know about it!
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty from date of purchase against defects in material or workmanship.
Available Colors: Black

Dimensions: H 7 in x W 4.5 in x D 3 in

Total Weight: 2.5 lb

Non-PC order ships within 24-48 hours. PC Interface order ships in 2-3 days.

Customer Testimonials:

"…my first impression is good. It seems to be accurate. Very easy to use (plug it in and turn it on), you can’t go wrong for the price. Neat!"

"..the Dylos air quality monitor proved to be an effective and economical tool for diagnosing my bronchitis/asthma problems. I suspected, with my doctors help, the air quality in the house was part of the problem with my constant coughing and labored breathing. The monitor analyzed my home air quality and by comparing the LCD screen readings with the chart on the back I found the particle count was in the "very poor" range. I installed a high efficiency electronic air cleaner on my furnace and within a day the Dylos monitor indicated the air quality had gone from very poor to excellent. To my surprise my bronchitis/asthma cleared up in three days. No more steroids, antibiotics, inhalers and cough suppressants! 

 Thank you Dylos,

Be SURE of what's floating around in your air!  Order your DC100 PC Air Quality Monitor TODAY! Order below or call us: 1-800-701-2513

And as always--FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the Continental U.S.!

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