Carel UE 130 HumiSteam Humidifier System
Carel UE 130 HumiSteam Humidifier System
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Carel UE 130 HumiSteam Humidifier System

Humidify Almost Any Medium to Large Commercial Space with this Amazing Steam Humidification System! Here We Offer a Powerful Warm Mist Unit with Duct Mount or Room Distribution, Low-Maintenance, Uses Cheap Tap Water, and Adjustable, Germ-Free Humidity From 1 
to 286 lbs Per Hour of Moisture for the Best Quality Moisture for Homes, Offices, Industrial Facilities and More, All at a Discount Price with Free Shipping!

UE Humisteam. Perfect for Offices, Homes, Industrial Facilities & More

Carel’s best steam unit offers 1-286 lb/hr of clean moisture for industrial warehouses, large rooms-offices, shops, walk in cigar humidors & wine cellars.

Features and Benefits:
  • Adjustable warm mist humidity from 1 to 286 lbs per hour
  • Duct Mount or In-Room Distribution
  • Uses Cheap Tap Water--no water filtration system required.
  • Patented AFS system (Anti Foaming System): detects foam to prevent droplets of water being carried by the steam
  • Cylinders with galvanized electrodes and anti-scale filter at bottom, openable cylinders also available
  • Steam production with continuous modulation from 20% to maximum rating 
  • Built-in conductivity sensor and control software to optimise energy efficiency and maintenance costs, with constant performance throughout cylinder life.
  • Automatic water drain after 3 days of inactivity
  • Easy operation: large user-friendly graphic LCD with detailed information. 
  • Performance: quick start-up and wide range of feedwater conductivity.
  • Reliability: modulating limit probe for maximum safety in AHU/duct
The HumiSteam immersed electrode humidifier is the essence of CAREL’s extensive experience in the field of steam humidification, and represents the most rational choice for a wide variety of applications.  One of its main strengths is the fact that it operates on mains or tap water, with the software able to adjust operation automatically based on the feedwater characteristics, such as hardness, etc. The HumiSteam naturally provides clean, germ-free moisture without the need for a separate water filtration system.

The X-Plus Controller
While other controllers are available, the X-Plus controller is one of the most versatile. The HumiSteam “X” version humidifiers come with a built-in controller, featuring a graphic display and keypad for programming and managing operation. The following operating modes are available:
  • ON/OFF with external humidistat;
  • Proportional with external voltage or current signal;
  • Proportional with external signal plus safety limitation using a probe in the duct;
  • Modulating based on set point and humidity probe reading;
  • Modulating based on point, humidity probe reading and limit probe reading in the duct;
  • Modulating based on set point and outside temperature probe reading (e.g. steam baths);
  • Control by BMS.
How It Works:

The operation of immersed electrode humidifiers is based on a very simple physical principle. As common drinking water contains a certain quantity of dissolved mineral salts, and is consequently slightly conductive, applying a voltage to metal electrodes immersed in the water creates an electric current that heats the water (Joule effect) until boiling, thus producing steam. 
The quantity of steam produced is proportional to the electric current, which is in turn proportional to the water level. This electric current is measured by a current transformer: by varying the level of water using a fill solenoid valve and due to the evaporation process, the current, and consequently steam production, can be modulated. Due to evaporation, the level of water decreases and must therefore be topped up. As the steam produced does not carry mineral salts, the salt concentration in the water and therefore the conductivity increases, and has to be periodically diluted by draining part of it using the drain pump and replacing it with new water.
In addition, scale forms over time and covers part of the cylinder, which must be replaced or cleaned. The principle is simple, however the development of an immersed electrode humidifier that ensures safe operation and reliability over time requires careful analysis and extended testing. Compared to electric heater or gas-fired humidifiers, immersed electrode humidifiers: 
  • are less expensive to purchase;
  • operate with cheap drinking water (not completely demineralised or softened);
  • require periodical replacement (or cleaning) of the cylinder;
  • feature modulation suitable for comfort or industrial applications, without extreme requirements.
CAREL has been manufacturing immersed electrode humidifiers since the 1970's and can draw benefit from its know-how in the field of electronic controllers: precision control, reliable electronics and sophisticated and complete control software. 

The Carel UE 130 HumiSteam Humidification System is your best bet for highly customizable, accurate and reliable humidity in large home and commercial or industrial spaces. Actual price may vary due to custom package details.  In addition to great products, we offer expert assistance to help you get exactly the right humidifier system for your industrial or commercial application. 
We also offer the best discount prices you'll find anywhere, plus free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Overseas shipments are possible, but shipping and any other associated charges are the customer's responsibility.  Call us to customize a UE 130 HumiSteam system to your exact specifications today at 1-800-701-2513. We're here to help!
This Package Includes (priced with the X-PLUS controller, other controllers available):

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