Carel MC MultiZone Adiabatic Humidifier System
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Carel MC MultiZone Adiabatic Humidifier System
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Carel MC MultiZone Adiabatic Humidifier System

Economically Humidify Almost Any Medium to Large Commercial or Industrial Space with this Amazing Compressed Air Adiabatic Humidification System! Here We Offer a Powerful Cool Mist Ultrasonic Unit with UV-C Purification, Duct Mount or Room Distribution, Use Cheap Tap Water, Low-Maintenance, and Over 500 lbs Per Hour of Guaranteed Clean Moisture f
or the Best Quality Moisture for Textiles, Wood - Timber Processing, Tobacco Processing, Paper Mills and More, All at a Discount Price with Free Shipping!

Carel’s best atomizer offers 500 lb/hr of clean cool moisture for industrial warehouses, large rooms-offices, shops, walk in cigar humidors & wine cellars.

MC MultiZone. Simple and Robust.  Ideal for Large Industrial Environments

Features and Benefits:

  • Guaranteed hygiene: automatic procedures to prevent stagnation of water, and powerful UV-C disinfection
  • Self-cleaning nozzles: automatic  cleaning cycles to minimize maintenance
  • User-friendly: display with simple and immediate user interface.
  • Very fine water-air emulsion (ultrasonic), suitable for humidification and direct cooling in the environment thanks to its rapid absorption
  • Up to 500 lbs moisture per hour capacity, adjustable to any amount in between for perfectly dialed in humidity
  • Can be used in duct / air handler or direct to room with distributor heads
  • Able to use master + slave, to increase capacity of for multi-area applications
  • Able to choose the size of the nozzle in order to better divide the humidification load
  • Able to use mains water--no water filtration system necessary.
MC is a powerful atomizing adiabatic humidifier that uses the energy of compressed air to atomize water in micrometric droplets. The system consists of a cabinet equipped with an electronic controller and interface display, which, thanks to two independent networks of water and air piping, feeds the nozzles in the optimum conditions of flow and pressure.

Inside the nozzle, the energy of the air is used to create an emulsion of water with droplets of the diameter of approximately 10 µm, allowing a rapid absorption. This feature makes MC the most suitable product for installations directly in the environment, with use in the textile industry and in the processing of wood and paper, in cellars and in refrigerating rooms, where compressed air is almost always available. However, in the absence of a pre-existing compressed air line, it is also advantageous to install an MC system equipped with a dedicated air compressor. MC can also be installed in the duct, as long as there is enough space for the absorption of the jet of atomized water. 
MC can be used both with demineralized water (to avoid sending salts into the environment) and with mains water: the nozzle is equipped with a particular cleaning needle inside, periodically activated by a spring, which cleans the orifice from any deposits of mineral salts. Thanks to the drainage solenoid valve placed at the end of the line, it is possible to drain the unit when idle and to wash it periodically. In favour of hygiene, a UV lamp (optional) is also supplied, to be installed immediately upstream of the cabinet.

How It Works:

The operating principle of the mc system is to run compressed air and water through atomising nozzles so as to create a mist of very fine droplets. This atomised water is readily absorbed by the air, humidifying and cooling it.  In fact, evaporation occurs by “absorbing” sensible heat from the air that, as a consequence, is cooled. The microprocessor electronic controller on the mc multizone, this too designed and built by Carel, ensures completely automatic and reliable operation, guaranteeing the required humidity level at all times. 

The AISI 316 stainless steel atomising nozzles feature an exclusive self-cleaning system that reduces maintenance, even when the feedwater has a significant mineral salt content.  The MC Multizone System can be supplied complete with nozzle installation kit, UV lamp disinfection system, and accessories for quick installation and deployment. 


Compressed air source (tanks or installed) to provide at least 
9 CFM per distributor head at 50 psi
Water source
Standard 230v Power (see details below)

With more than 5,000 installations all over the world, the MC Multizone is one of best-selling and most widely tested adiabatic humidification systems on the market for medium/high capacity installations where humidification and evaporative cooling is required directly in the room. Typical applications are those that require adiabatic humidification and evaporative cooling directly in the room, with maximum absorption--here are just a few:
Textiles industry 
Wood/timber processing/stores
Paper processing/stores and printing facilities
Tobacco processing/stores 
Fruit and vegetable cold stores 
Wine and barrel cellars

Maximum humidification capacity 60 kg/h 230 kg/h
Power supply 230 Vac single-phase, 50/60 Hz / 110 Vac single-phase 60 Hz
Operating conditions 1T40 °C, 0 to 80% RH
Ingress protection IP40
Water supply/drain
Connection 1/2” G 1/2” G
Temperature limits 1T50 °C
Water pressure limits 3 to 7 bars
Total hardness 0 to 400 ppm CaCO3
Conductivity limits 0 to 1250 μS/cm
Air line: intake/outlet connection 1/2” G 1/2” G
Temperature limits 1T50 °C
Air pressure limits 5 to 7 bars
Required air pressure 4 to 10 bars
Nozzles-stainless steel (AISI 316)
Nozzle capacity at 2.1 bars 2.7 - 4.0 - 5.4 - 6.8 - 10 kg/h
Network - Network connection Modbus®, LON, TCP/IP, SNMP (with optional card)
Cabinet dimensions ( L x W x H) 500 mm x 150 mm x 580 mm

In addition to great products, we offer expert assistance to help you get exactly the right humidifier system for your industrial or commercial application. We also offer the best discount prices you'll find anywhere, plus free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Overseas shipments are possible, but shipping and any other associated charges are the customer's responsibility.  Call us to customize a MC Multizone Humidification System to your exact specifications today at 1-800-701-2513. We're here to help!

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