Carel humiDisk65 Centrifugal Humidifier
Carel humiDisk65 Centrifugal Humidifier
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Carel humiDisk65 Centrifugal Humidifier 

Perfectly Humidify Almost Any Large Room or Storage Area with a Powerful Top-Rated Commercial-Grade Centrifugal Humidifier. Here We Offer a Powerful Cool Mist Unit That Can Maintain 20-90% Humidity 
 (+/-2%) and Up to 15.8 lbs of Moisture Per Hour at Low Temperatures Using Regular Tap Water. This Unit Features Helpful Modularity--Connect Several Units Together for the Best Quality Moisture in Large Food Preservation Areas, Cold Storage, Textile Mills, Wine Cellars, Printing Shops, Antique Shops, Cigar & Tobacco Humidors, Industrial Facilities and Much More, At The Best Possible Cheap Discount Online Sales Price with Free Shipping!

  • Simplicity: requires just 110-120 VAC power supply and the mains water and drain lines; operation is ON/OFF;
  • Hygienically safe: very small water tank, just 55 ml; washing procedure at unit start; emptying at the end of the humidification cycle; washing procedure at the beginning of every cycle (with CAREL control panel only);
  • Modularity: 1 or 2 humiDisk65 units can be controlled in parallel using the special control panel, or up to 10 humiDisk10 units using the CAREL humidistat
  • humiDisk uses a spinning disk to atomise water.  Very small droplets are blown into the controlled environment by a built-in fan where they evaporate to humidify and cool the air! 

How it Works:

humiDisk is a centrifugal humidifier that uses a rotating disk to atomize the water into millions of tiny droplets which, driven by a built-in fan, are released into the environment humidifying and cooling the air. humiDisK is available in two versions: the version with a capacity of 1.0 l/h is compact, easy to use and can be controlled by an external switch or by a humidistat; the version with a capacity of 7.2 kg/h (up to 15.8 lbs per hr), in addition to the bigger size and capacity, also offers the possibility to be controlled by an external electrical panel (optional), which allows the modulation of the capacity produced (from 1.1 to 7.2 l/h), the management of washing cycles at the start and end of the cycle and the activation and control of the anti-freeze device (also optional). 

Thanks to the ability to work at low temperatures (≥ 1°C) and to the very thin diameter of the droplets produced, humiDisk is particularly suitable for installation in refrigerating rooms and in storage warehouses for products like fruit and vegetables. However, the compact design and the excellent performance make humiDisk a versatile product for many other applications, such as the direct humidification of printing industries, textile industries, etc.

Powerful and simple
  • high atomization capacity, up to 7.2 kg/h (15.8 lb/h);
  • works with cheap regular tap water and demineralized water; 
  • antifreeze heater that allows operation down to -2 °C (only with humiDisk65, optional);
  • low power consumption: around 34W per kg/h of output.


cold rooms, stores and maturing rooms for products such as fruit and vegetables, wine cellars (barrel rooms), where low humidity would cause a loss in weight and spoil the products; 

paper and printing industries, where the correct level of humidity needs to be maintained in order to avoid alterations in the size of the paper, electrostatic discharges and keep dust levels down;

textile industries, where the right humidity reduces the breakage of the fibres and problems due to dust, while the adiabatic cooling process absorbs the heat generated by the looms.


Air Purifiers and offers only the best humidifiers for commercial and industrial use, with clean, hygenic moisture, maximum control and multiple options to fit almost any situation. And since we are an online store with very low overhead, this enables us to offer these amazing ultrasonic humidifiers at the best discount prices with free shipping and expert support. If you have questions, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!

This Package Includes:

1    UC06501010   CENTRIFUGAL HUMIDIFIER 15.8 LBS/HR 110VAC 1PH 60 HZ 1
1    HC-101 WALL MOUNT HUMIDISTAT, 20 ft wire

Dimensions: 20  x 21 x 24 inches high
Weight: 38.72 lbs

Droplet Size: 6-8 microns

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