BOFA ILF-300 Inline Pre-Filter for Air Cleaning System
BOFA ILF-300 Inline Pre-Filter for Air Cleaning System
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BOFA ILF-300 Inline Bag Pre-Filtration for Indoor Air Cleaning System 

The BOFA ILF-300 Inline Bag Filtration Unit is the Perfect Way to Pre-Filter and Trap Larger Particles to Greatly Extend the Life of Your Primary Air Cleaning Machine's HEPA or other type of Particle Extractor Filters. Featuring High Capacity Particle Collector Bag or Pleated  Dust Removing Filters, the BOFA ILF-300 Inline Dust Elimination System will Save you Money over time Not Having to Clean and Replace Expensive Primary Air Filters nearly as Often. The BOFA ILF-300 is on of if not the Best Inline Bag Pre-Filter Systems on the Market, and is on sale here at our Top-Rated and Affordable Air Purifiers, and Cleaners Store, at the Best Possible Cheap Discount Online Sales Price with Free Shipping!

Features & Benefits:
  • Designed for extra high dust applications
  • High capacity 5 pocket F6 bag filter with Optional F8 filter
  • The filter unit is positioned alongside the main BOFA Americas or other fume filtration system to increase the overall filter capacity and extend the life of the main filters
  • Stainless steel cabinet construction
  • The perfect companion for fume extraction solutions that need a longer life on applications with high dust a particle
  • 2 Year Warranty

Are you going through your primary air cleaner's dust extractor pre-filters and expensive HEPA filters too quickly?  The BOFA ILF inline filtration systems are designed to reduce the frequency of replacing your main air purifiers particle collecting filters. These amazing inline pre-filter units are placed in between the laser, grinder or other air filtration machine and your extractor to trap a large percentage of dust and other airborne particle pollutants before they reach your HEPA or other expensive extractor filters, often increasing filter life by 30-50% or more. The ILF300 inline filter systems is suitable for virtually all dust collection and particle extraction systems, especially in large commercial and industrial settings with lost of dust and other particles that need to be removed. An optional connection kit with hoses and adapters is available below. We will contact you to ensure proper connection boot size. For custom lengths of hoses and adapter / connection boot sizes, please call us toll-free at 800-701-2513.

The included 5 pocket F6 bag filter traps 82% of particles 1 micron in size and up to 100% of particles larger than 1 micron. The optional 5 pocket F8 pleated filter traps 97% of particles 1 micron in size and up to 100% of particles larger than 1 micron. The F8 particle collecting air filter is better suited when there is an exceptionally large amount of dust, while medium dust applications may do well with the F6 filter, which is more cost effective if you don't have a ton of dust being generated.

At our online laser dust filtration system supply store, we offer the very best dust removing air purifiers and filters at the best possible cheap discount prices due to our low overhead as an online store. Order your BOFA Americas ILF-300 Inline Filter System at the best possible cheap discount online sales price with free shipping and save money as you enjoy getting more life from your expensive commercial grade HEPA or other dust extractor filters!

Order yours here at the best possible discount price and keep the air in your shop clean and healthy!

Note: Any returns of unopened BOFA filters will incur a 25% restocking fee, and must be returned within 30 days of order, per manufacturer rules. Opened filters cannot be returned.  If you're unsure about what filter to purchase for your BOFA Americas extractor system, please call before ordering at 800-701-2513. We're here to help!

Save Money Shopping Online, and Don’t Get Ripped Off 

There are not many official online retailers of BOFA Americas laser air filtration products and unfortunately the internet is full of scams. As a general rule of thumb, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cheap cut rate online deals often end up being a used or refurbished unit, which do not come with BOFA Americas top rated warranties. Or even worse, you may end up buying a cheap discount air cleaner that doesn’t have the energy efficiency, features or proven air cleaning power provided by top-rated BOFA Americas air filtration systems. 

Why Buying From Us is Better Than Buying Direct!

When you buy your money and energy saving BOFA Americas air filtration products from us, you get a brand new unit, at the best possible price, with BOFA Americas's amazing warranty. Our innovative partnership with BOFA Americas allows us to ship directly from their warehouse, which cuts out the middle man and eliminates the high operating costs of traditional brick and mortar big box stores. These savings get passed directly to you, allowing us to offer brand new allergy and asthma symptom-eliminating BOFA Americas air purifiers and filters at the best possible everyday cheap discount online sales prices. 

If you have any questions give us a call or send us an email and one of indoor air purification experts will be happy to help.

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