AllerAir 5000 Series Tar Trap Pre-Filter Value Pack (10)
AllerAir 5000 Series Tar Trap Pre-Filter Value Pack (10)
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AllerAir 5000 Series Replacement Tar Trapping Pre-Filter Value Pack (10PK)

Aller Air 5000 DS, DXS Series indoor air cleaners replacement tar trapping pre-filters 10 pack. Removes larger smoke / tar particles, for proper HEPA & carbon filter life. 10 PK This is the replacement pre-filter for trapping tar and related residues from smoky environments, as well as larger particles before air is directed into the other layers of filtration.

Also excellent for trapping sticky and oily residues from nail and hair salon products.

QTY: 10 PK

Recommended pre-filter change:  1.5-2.5 months  Replacing pre-filters regularly will help ensure that you get the maximum life from your industrial and commercial HEPA and carbon filters, and save you money in the long run.

This value pack gives you best deal on these important replacement prefilters.

Fits Aller Air 5000 DS, DXS, and Salon 5000 air purifiers.

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