AllerAir 5000 Pro 5 Super HEPA Filter
AllerAir 5000 Pro 5 Super HEPA Filter
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AllerAir 5000 Air Cleaner Pro 5 Series Replacement Super HEPA Filter

New top rated replacement HEPA filter fits Aller Air 5000 & Pro 5 Series air cleaners. Removes 99.97% of allergy causing dust, pet dander, mold, giving you the best indoor air quality possible. Replace every 1-3 years for best performance.

Fits All AllerAir 5000, 5000 D & Pro 5 Air Cleaners: HEPA ONLY, EXEC, VOCARB, W EXEC, W VOCARB, SALON 5000, VOG, PRO EXEC MODELS

Replace every 1 to 3 years, depending on use, and be sure to install new pre-filters every 3-6 months to help extend the life of your HEPA filter (removes larger particles, prevents premature clogging of the HEPA).

NOTE: These are not to be used for making masks as the material is too thick and restricts airflow too much for that purpose, will not work. You must have an AllerAir unit serial number to provide or this product will not ship. 
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