AER Portable Dust Collector with Arm
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AER Portable Dust Collector with Arm
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AER Control Systems Portable Dust Collector with Arm 

Maintain Clean, Safe Air Quality in Your Workshop with this Amazing Portable Source Capture Dust Collection System, with 1100 CFM and MERV-14 Filter System that Removes a Variety of Particles, Dust, & Fibers and Smoke from Welding, Soldering, Plastics Extrusion, Laser Engraving, Ceramics, Woodworking Rooms, Commercial Manufacturing, Laboratories & More. A Top-Rated Suction Air Purifier for Flammable or Explosive Dust Removal, Too-and 100% Made in USA--All at the Best Possible Cheap Discount Online Sales Price with Free Regular Ground Shipping!

Uses & Benefits

  • Portable Commercial - Industrial Source Capture Dust Collector Air Purifier System with Arm
  • Proudly Made in USA!
  • 1100 CFM Airflow for effective suction / particle capture (with MERV 14 filter, approximately 1000 CFM with HEPA)
  • Strong Particle Removal - Removes 95% of particles 0.5 to 1 micron and 100% of larger particles with included MERV 14 filter. 
  • Can Remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns with Optional HEPA filter
  • Customized Filter Combinations Available to Suit Almost Any Dust Removal Application
  • Affordable, Portable Commercial Grade Air Purification for Almost Any Size Space
  • Best For: Dust, Fiber & Smoke Removal in Commercial Workshops, Manufacturing, Laboratories, More. 


  • Solid Steel Powder-Coated Frame, High-Quality Components
  • Includes 6" x 7' or 6" x 10' Arm, Your Choice, No Extra Charge
  • Arm includes adjustable airflow hood with damper for controlling suction / air velocity
  • Unit is dual purpose--arm can be removed for attaching to machines via 6" hose (not included)
  • Compact Design 
  • Easy No-Tools Filter Access for Quick Filter Changes
  • Easily rolls around for fast, accurate positioning
  • Motor Out of Airflow-Suitable for Flammable or Explosive Dust
  • Output stacks can be ducted outside or wherever needed
  • 1 Year AER Control Systems Warranty, Parts and Labor
  • Add 6" HEPA filter for Smoke, Welding, Fine Sub-Micron Size Particles
  • Add VFD Variable Speed Switch for More Precise Airflow Control between 500-1100 CFM
  • 1.5 HP 115v Single Phase Motor 
  • Airflow  1100 CFM
  • Exhaust  Baffled, Motor Not in Airflow
  • Switch and Power Cord  Yes
  • Silencer with exhaust louver  Yes 
  • Dimensions 31 x 31 x  60" H
  • Weight 185 lbs

Powerful, Affordable Source Capture Dust Removal

Harmful toxic dust and fibers are a common problem in a variety of manufacturing operations. Many of the particles, dust and fibers produced by grinding, sanding, cutting, 3D printing, etc are also explosive, which requires expensive explosion proof dust collectors. The AER Control Systems’ Portable Dust Collection System with Arm is an affordable, effective tool that solves these dust removal issues.

This portable dust collection system not only provides strong 1100 CFM airflow for effective removal of dust at the source, the motor is out of the airflow, removing the main source of ignition / sparks from the pollutant, thereby creating a natural resistance to explosions, fires, etc--at a fraction of the cost of typical explosion-proof dust collectors. The AER
 Portable Dust Collection System is designed to use disposable filters to reduce the cost of the unit, and to provide a more sanitary environment, should any microbes be suspected or trapped in the filter.  The Portable Dust Collection System will also assist you regarding compliance with OSHA and local air quality regulations by drawing contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone and reducing particle concentrations to safe and acceptable levels (within PEL's). 

The Portable Fume Booth comes standard with powerful 2 stage filtration:  a first stage throw-­‐away ring polyester filter, a second stage 95% efficient ASHRAE Fiberglass Box filter MERV 14. An optional HEPA filter can also be added if you need to remove fine particles, smoke, sub-micron dust or welding fume. Also standard is a single phase 1.5 HP TEFC motor with a non-­‐overloading direct drive blower, and a tool-­less filter access door.  Unit comes standard with on / off controls, however, a variable speed module can be added to fine tune airflow between 500 and 1100 CFM.

At our online store, we make it easy for you to get the best commercial and industrial dust collection systems at discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead as an online store. Call our specialists today at 1-800-701-2513 to discuss the specific filter configuration that will perfectly suit your application. We are here to help!

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