AER Ambient Air Filtration System
AER Ambient Air Filtration System
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AER Control Systems Ambient 2000 Dust Collector and Particle Filtration System

Maintain Clean, Safe Air Quality in Warehouses, Huge Truck Bays or Delivery Areas with One of the Best, Most Affordable Commercial Ambient Dust Collection Systems. Here We Offer one of the Best Large Room Ceiling Mount Ambient Air Purifier Unit with 2 Stage MERV 14 Filtration That Can Remove Smoke & Toxic Fine Particles, 100% Made in USA!--All at a Cheap Discount Online Sales Price!  A Top Rated Dust Removal Air Cleaner for Woodworking, Auto Body Shops, Boat Repair and Industrial Manufacturing Applications.


  • Powerful 2000 CFM Airflow
  • 48" Long x 24 x 24
  • Direct Drive Blower, 3/4HP Open Motor
  • 115V 60HZ Single Phase / Optional Voltage Available
  • Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Welded Steel Cabinet
  • Power Cord with Top-Mounted 2-Speed Rocker Switch for Easy Installation
  • Tool-less and Quick Filter Changeout
  • Internal Bag Support Rod for Optimum Filter Surface Area
  • Two-Stage Filtration: 24x24 High-Capacity Pleated Filter and 24x24x22" MERV 14 95% Hi-Capacity Bag Filter 
  • Industrial Powder Coat Kelly Green Finish
  • 67dba at Exhaust, 60 dba at inlet
  • Adjustable Outlet Louvers
  • Minihelic Gauge for Easy Filter Monitoring
  • Mounting Eyebolts for Ceiling or Wall Mount
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Ambient Air 2000 is a top rated commercial ceiling mounted dust collector and particle extraction system that removes over 95% of smoke, airborne dust particles from wood working, carving & more with top-rated industrial-grade filter scrubbers. It's an economical, self-contained free-hanging system for multi-stage media general background air cleaning of dust, smoke, soot or other airborne particulate contaminants. The 2000 is an ideal choice for light-to-medium duty applications such as automotive refinishing, sanding, buffing or welding, at a rate of 2000 CFM.

A direct-drive centrifugal blower draws polluted air through a disposable multi-vee filter and then through a high-efficiency, multipocket vee-bag filter. A unique hanger rod supports the vee-bag loops. The rod support system eliminates common filter "bunching", so maximum filter area is utilized.

The multi-pocket vee-bag filter traps fine particulate that passes through the initial filters. Clean air passes through the back of the unit via four-way adjustable vanes. To remove large particles like wood and grinding dusts, use the optional high-capacity prefilter. The three-sided, clean-able, wrap around, high-capacity prefilter extends the life of the disposable filters.

The AER Ambient Air Filtration System is Perfect For:

  • Autobody Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Sanding and Grinding Applications
  • Printing Facilities
  • Ceramic Manufacturers
  • Truck Bays
  • Woodshops
  • Schools
  • Welding, Fabricating and Machine Shops
  • Bars
  • Restaurants

At our online store, we make it easy for you to get the best commercial and industrial fume extractors at the best possible discount prices due to our extremely low overhead as an online store. Call our specialists today at 1-800-701-2513 to discuss the specific filter configuration that will perfectly suit your application. We are here to help!

This Package Includes:

1  AER Control Systems Ambient Air 2000 Filtration System with 2000 CFM  3/4HP PSC Motor, minihelic Gauge, and mounting eyebolts.
1  2 Stage Filter System: Polyester pre-filter, 95% ASHRAE MERV 14 filter. 
1  Owners Manual
1  1 Year Warranty 


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