Bed Bug 911 Exterminator Spray 24 oz
Bed Bug 911 Exterminator Spray 24 oz
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Bed Bug 911 Exterminator Spray 24 oz

Bed Bug 911 Exterminator Spray 24 oz is the most widely used bed bug prevention spray in the world. Thousands of hotels and hospitals use 
Exterminator  Bed Bug Spray 24oz as a daily routine to prevent bed bug infestations and the product is now available to everyone.

Housekeeping and cleaning staff simply sprays all mattresses, box springs, headboards, furniture, carpet and other water-safe surfaces to kill all bed bugs on contact. 
Exterminator Bed Bug Spray 24oz will not stain any surfaces and the product has no odor.

How much do I need?  Usually, one 24 oz  bottle is enough for 2 rooms, unless the rooms are large (in that case, 1 bottle per room).

Why Choose Bed Bug 911 
Exterminator Spray?

• Exterminator Bed Bug Spray 24oz is a ready and easy to use spray designed to prevent bed bugs
• Used by Thousands of Hospitals & Hotels Nationwide to Prevent Bed Bugs
• Kills Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks & Other Crawling Insects on Contact
• Scent Free
• Stain Free
• Uses All Natural Ingredients
• Safe to Use Around Children & Pets
• Treat all linens and clothes in the laundry using Bed Bug 911 Exterminator Laundry Treatment

• Prevents extermination costs totaling thousands of dollars
• Prevents loss of mattresses, replacement costs, etc.
• Prevents loss of business from bed bugs
• Prevents lawsuits (using these products proves you have exercised due diligence in bed bug prevention efforts)
• Prevents negative publicity
• Bloggers and reporters broadcasting your infestation to the masses

Features and Benefits:

• Prevent & Kill Bedbugs While Cleaning
• Regularly Spray Mattresses, Box Springs, Pillows, Headboards, Linens, Pillows, Bed Skirts, Carpet & Water-Safe Furniture
• Biodegradable & Stain Free
• Leaves No Odors
• Customers can Occupy Rooms Immediately After Use
• No Toxic Residual Effect

For active bed bug outbreaks, thoroughly spray Bed Bug 911 Exterminator twice daily in all potentially infested areas. Although adult bed bugs may not be present, their microscopic nymphs may be. Bed Bug 911 Exterminator eradicates adult bed bugs and their nymphs alike. Potentially infested areas include pillows, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, head boards, bed rails, closets, carpeting, furniture, purses, briefcases, luggage, and all cracks and crevices where a bed bug may hide. If infestation persists continue to use Bed Bug 911 Exterminator liberally to ensure that all bed bugs and their nymphs have been contacted. Always be aware that dormant bed bugs can live up to one year if left untreated.

Always remain aware of the fact that bed bugs are notorious for "hitchhiking" from location to location. To prevent the spread of bed bug infestation, spray Bed Bug 911 Exterminator on all possessions that may allow their transport from one location to another. Spray liberally on luggage, coats, purses, handbags, briefcases, laundry, or any other means of transportation for a bed bug from one location to the next. Routine use of Bed Bug 911 Exterminator will minimize bed bugs' ability to spread.

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