Replacement Residential Bulk Carbon Air Filters
Replacement Residential Bulk Carbon Air Filters
Small Granular Bulk Vocarb Carbon
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Replacement Bulk Exec Carbon for Aller Air and Electrocorp Air Cleaners

Replace The Carbon in Your Charcoal Canister Filters or Other Air Purifier Filters with Top-Quality Carbon Instead of Buying a Whole New Filter--And Save BIG!

Now, instead of having to buy a whole new carbon filter, you can buy just the Exec Blend or Vocarb Blend carbon and refill your carbon canister, and save!   This is the same super-activated carbon that comes with all Aller Air quality air purifiers and will give your carbon air filters another 2-3 years of that powerful air filtration power and super-clean air you’ve enjoyed—without breaking the bank.

If your air purifier came with the standard Exec carbon, you can upgrade to premium Vocarb carbon, as well, for maximum air cleaning, since Vocarb is industrial strength activated carbon, and is much stronger than the Exec type.  And--if you have another air cleaner that has a carbon filter you can refill, you can install this premium carbon and get some of the best carbon air filtration possible for your home, room, workshop or other areas. 

If you have an Aller Air air cleaner, we do advise only replacing the carbon with genuine Aller Air Exec or Vocarb carbon, not a cheap substitute carbon.  Cheap substitute carbon or charcoal isn’t activated the same way as Aller Air activated carbon, won’t clean the air as well, and may even let harmful pollutants through the air purifier because inferior carbon can’t trap pollutants as well. Stick with Aller Air bulk carbon and you'll be assured to get the best carbon air filtration possible. 
At Air Purifiers and, we make it easy for you to maintain safe, clean indoor air in your home, room or office and get the genuine Aller Air replacement filters and bulk carbon you need, without high prices and hassle.  Since we're an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores, and that allows us to pass the savings on to you with the cheapest discount prices possible, and free shipping, every day.  We also provide expert advice and support to help you make the perfect purchase every time, so you can buy with confidence and know that you’re getting the right product for your situation.
If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and one of our experts will be happy to assist you!

This product comes from the manufacturer in Canada; the following discounted shipping rates will apply:

  • 1-10 lbs    $15.00
  • 10-22 lbs  $20.00
  • 23-43 lbs  $39.00
  • 44-74 lbs  $69.00
For higher quantities, please call 800-701-2513 for best quoted price and shipping rates

Note: For industrial or commercial replacement bulk carbon, click here.

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