AllerAir 6000 Series Exec Carbon Filter
AllerAir 6000 Series Exec Carbon Filter
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AllerAir 6000 Series Exec Carbon Filter

AllerAir Industries’carbon air cleaner filter cartridge removes allergy-causing chemicals & odors best in homes, rooms & offices w/24 lbs quality charcoal. Replacement Carbon Canister Filter--contains 24 lbs activated carbon, 2.5" thick.

Fits any standard 6000 series air cleaner, not D, DX or DS. Replace every 3-5 years or when odors or other chemical pollutants have stopped being removed adequately. 

The AllerAir Difference

AllerAir is proud to offer air purifiers that feature the deepest carbon beds on the market, with up to 40 different proprietary carbon blends.

Their carbon beds are made up of actual granular pieces of carbon, not crushed carbon, and can be customized with between 4 pounds and 120 pounds of carbon to efficiently absorb any gases, odors and chemicals. The lifespan of their carbon is far greater than many competitors, and has an unparalleled absorption capacity.

With increased dangers and illnesses associated with poor air quality, AllerAir also recognizes the responsibility it has to create units that provide businesses and residences with the cleanest indoor air available.

AllerAir is proud of its superior carbon filtration methods, and takes it a step further by offering more options and features at an equal or better price value than its competitors. 

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