AllerAir 4000 Series Vocarb Carbon Filter
AllerAir 4000 Series Vocarb Carbon Filter
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Aller Air 4000 Exec Carbon Filter--contains 12 lbs activated VOCARB BLEND carbon, 2.5" thick. Part # A4FCW225

AllerAir Industries’ Vocarb air cleaner replacement filter cartridge removes allergy-causing chemicals&odors best in homes, rooms & offices w/12 lbs quality charcoal.

Designed to remove chemicals, VOC's (volatile organic compounds), odors, etc.

Fits 4000 VOCARB model only. Custom blends are available for removing specific agents / chemicals. Please call for assistance if you have a specific chemical or odor to be removed.

The AllerAir Difference is proud to offer Aller Air air purifiers because they feature the deepest carbon beds on the market, with up to 40 different proprietary carbon blends.  Frankly, nothing on the market even comes close to the air filtration power of Aller Air purifiers. The carbon filter bed is made up of actual granular pieces of carbon, not crushed carbon, and can be customized with between 4 pounds and 120 pounds of carbon to efficiently absorb any gases, odors and chemicals. Not only does the Aller Air carbon absorb MORE chemicals and odors than any other filter on the market, they also last the longest, creating incredible value!

Order your replacement filters today and feel that super-clean air again with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the Continental U.S.!

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