Surgically Clean Air JADE 2.0 Commercial Portable HEPA UV Air Cleaner
Surgically Clean Air JADE 2.0 Commercial Portable HEPA UV Air Cleaner
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Surgically Clean Air JADE 2.0 SCA5100C Particle Collector, Light Fume Extractor and Germicidal Air Sanitizer System 

The Surgically Clean Air JADE 2.0 Portable Commercial HEPA Filter and Germicidal UV Air Cleaner SCA5100C quickly removes dangerous particles, PM 2.5, mold spores, dust, dust mites, light odors, smoke and VOCs, and sanitizes the air with UV-C light, killing airborne bacteria, germs and viruses while keeping the air you breathe in your office, classroom or other large space clean. The portable industrial grade JADE 2.0 air purification system includes five (5) of the best air purification technologies and provides arguably the cleanest air possible in rooms up to 840 square feet with 4 air changes per hour at its highest speed. The cleanable prefilter, HEPA-Rx dust removing filter, activated carbon smoke, odor and other VOC eating air scrubber, as well as the antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial UV-C lamp and Negative Ion Chamber together remove over 99% of harmful particles, aerosol droplets, fibers, and VOC's while freshening the air and making it easier to breathe. This top rated, powerful and affordable portable indoor air sanitizing unit kills more than 99% of all airborne germs, bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold and other microorganisms with the commercial grade UV-C light bulb. The 4 speed airflow is adjustable from super quiet 37 dB and 135 CFM on low, up to only 58 dBA on Turbo with 448 CFM, again one of the quietest large room air purifiers available. The JADE 2.0 commercial HEPA filter, Carbon Scrubber, and UV light air purifier also has the lowest 5 year maintenance cost per cubic foot in its class and it's California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified.  All with quiet operation, easy movement and a small footprint. No floorspace? No problem--JADE can easily be mounted to a wall with the optional wall mount kit. 
Aside from the stellar air purification performance, Surgically Clean Air's Jade 2.0 Air Purifier Machine is also an aesthetically pleasing upgrade for any facility with tough but attractive powder coated steel. This portable commercial grade germicidal air purifier is built to last and engineered to run quietly and efficiently.The versatile Surgically Clean Air JADE 2.0 SCA5100C dust collector, fume extractor and air sanitizer is a powerful professional grade HEPA filter, carbon scrubber, as well as an antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial UV air cleaning machine, all in one unit. This makes the JADE 2.0 one of the best portable UV air purifier choices for fast, effective and affordable air quality improvement solutions for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and virtually any large room up to 840 square feet per unit. Order your top rated and affordable dust collecting and fume extracting germicidal air sanitizer from our online air purifiers and cleaners store, at the best possible cheap discount online sales price, with free shipping. If you would like to discuss multiple unit purchases, please give us a call toll-free at 800-701-2513 and we'll be happy to help.  


Uses & Benefits
  • Portable Dust, Odor & Germ-Killing Commercial HEPA UV Large Room Indoor Air Purifier
  • Up to 6720 Cubic Foot / 840 Square Foot Coverage with 4 Air Changes Per Hour ACH (8' Ceilings)
  • Strong Particle Removal - Removes over 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, Dust, Mold Spores, Bacteria, Viruses, Smoke
  • Strong Antibacterial / Antiviral Action - UV + Lamps--Kills Bacteria, Viruses, Mold Spores, etc.
  • Strong VOC and Chemical Removal - Removes Chemicals, VOC's, and Odors
  • Quiet Operation--As low as 37 dBA
  • Energy Efficient
  • Best For: Airborne Control of Dust, Mold, Bacteria, Viruses in Large Rooms up to 2000 Square Feet Per Unit. Great for Hospitals, Dental Offices, Extra Large Office Areas, Gyms, Daycare Centers, Municipal & Government Facilities & More!
  • Airflow Up to 448 CFM Delivered
  • Permanent Pre-Filter: Cleans large particles
  • Ultrafine Aerosol Particulate Filter: HEPA-Rx
  • Activated Carbon: Removes odors and chemicals
  • UV-C + Lamp: Eliminates airborne pathogens
  • Revitalizing Negative ION Chamber: Makes air easier to breathe, with on / off control
  • Large Easy-Read Control Screen - Shows Air Quality, Temperature, Humidity, Total VOC Level Display, Humidity, Timer 
  • Remote Control Included - Giving you ease of access to control the system from a distance
  • Small Footprint
  • Wall Mountable - wall mount kit available separately below
  • Solid Steel Construction with Quality Long-life Components
  • 100% Made in Canada!
  • 1 Year Warranty, Parts and Labor

  • Dimensions: (D) 12.4 in x (H) 35.2 in / (D) 31.6cm x (H) 89.5cm
  • Weight: 31.9lbs | 14.5kgs
  • Sound Level: Low: <37dB (A) | Medium: <45dB (A) High: <52dB (A) | Turbo: <58dB (A)
  • Technologies:
  • Pre-Filter  Yes
  • Ultra Fine Particulate Filter (HEPA-Rx) Yes
  • Activate Carbon Filter Yes
  • UV-C+ Lamp Yes
  • Revitalizing Chamber Yes permanent
  • Delivered Air Flow:  CFM: 135 | 223 | 330 | 448
  • Certifications: UL Tested and Certified based on UL/CSA safety standards, California Air Resources Board (CARB) Ozone Emissions Tested & Certified: Maximum 0.02 ppm ozone as per UL 867 - ozone chamber testing and peak ozone test for electronic devices.

Minimum Antimicrobial Efficiency Testing Results

Save Money Shopping Online, and Don’t Get Ripped Off 

There are not many official online retailers of quality Surgically Clean Air, LLC air quality products and unfortunately the internet is full of scams. As a general rule of thumb, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cheap cut rate online deals often end up being a used or refurbished unit, which do not come with Surgically Clean Air, LLC's top rated warranties. Or even worse, you may end up buying a cheap discount commercial HEPA UV air cleaner that doesn’t have the energy efficiency, features or warranties provided by top-rated Surgically Clean Air, LLC air filtration systems. 

Better Than Buying Direct!

When you buy your money and energy saving Surgically Clean Air, LLC air filtration products from us, you get a brand new unit, at the best possible price, with Surgically Clean Air, LLC's amazing comprehensive 1 year parts and labor warranty. Our innovative partnership with Surgically Clean Air, LLC allows us to ship directly from their warehouse, which cuts out the middle man and eliminates the high operating costs of traditional brick and mortar big box stores. These savings get passed directly to you, allowing us to offer brand new dust, smoke, fume and germ killing Surgically Clean Air JADE air purifiers and filters at the best possible everyday cheap discount online sales prices. And buying from us is definitely better than direct--if you buy direct, you'll have to pay shipping. Buying from us, you always get fast free ground shipping as our thanks to you for shopping with us. 

If you have any questions give us a call at 1-800-701-2513 or send us an email and one of indoor air purification experts will be happy to help.
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