Stadler Form Selina Digital Humidity Meter & Thermometer
Stadler Form Selina Digital Humidity Meter & Thermometer
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Stadler Form Selina Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer 

A Slim, Attractive Instant-Read Thermometer and Humidity Meter for Wirelessly Measuring and Maintaining Ideal Humidity in Homes, Baby Rooms, Basements & More!

Easily & accurately gauge and monitor temperature and humidity in any indoor room, home, office with this best quality Swiss-made wireless electronic meter.

Maintaining ideal humidity is important for good health, preventing sinus and allergy problems, for proper plant growth, preserving furniture, and protecting many other household items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity. To do that, you have to be able to accurately measure the humidity and temperature. Many hygrometers and thermometers, however, are either bulky, too large, cost too much, don’t provide instant results, or just aren’t very attractive.
The Stadler Form Selina is a super slim, attractive wireless digital hygrometer (humidity meter) & thermometer that is small, light, portable, and allows you to instantly read temperature and humidity, both indoors and outdoors, or wherever you go.  Selina is one of the few digital home thermometer & humidity meters that actually looks good, even adding to the décor in your room!
Selina’s digital sensors work constantly to keep you instantly and accurately aware of the temperature in your home or room, and can help you avoid those changes in humidity and temperature that can set off sinus & allergy problems, or affect home appliances, furniture and more.  Selina also has large characters on the non-glare LCD screen that enable you to instantly read the temperature or humidity from several feet away. And since Selina is a wireless indoor & outdoor thermometer and hygrometer, you don’t have to deal with unsightly cords or only being able to place the unit where there is an electrical outlet.
Selina is very easy to operate, and since she measures only about 3.5” x 3.5”x 1.5 inches, she’s perfect for throwing in a suitcase, too, so you can instantly read temperature and humidity wherever you go—and know how this might affect allergies, sinuses or even your hair.   Many customers use the Stadler Form Selina Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer to determine what the humidity is in their homes, baby rooms, and basements, which helps determine whether they need a dehumidifier, a humidifier or need to check their air conditioner for proper operation. You can even use Selina to test your home for weatherproofing or leaks--just place near a window or door and compare to the rest of the house. If the temperature or humidity is different, you probably have a leak there!
There are so many great uses for an accurate, wireless hygrometer and thermometer like Selina—and this one is inexpensive, well-made, wireless, and easily portable! Order yours today and enjoy instant temperature and humidity information any time or anywhere you want it!
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  • Accurately measures humidity and temperature, with instant results. d
  • Ideal for indoor use, but can be used outdoors, but not during rain or left in extreme heat, etc. 
  • 4mm slim housing
  • Battery-operated, 1x type CR2016
  • 2 batteries included
  • Temperature range: -10°C – +50°C (± 1°C)
  • Humidity range: 25% – 98% (± 3%)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 93 x 38 mm
  • Weight: 70 g
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