Stadler Form Lea Aromatherapy Diffuser
Stadler Form Lea Aromatherapy Diffuser
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Stadler Form Lea Aromatherapy Diffuser 

Lea offers hours of portable stress & anxiety relief with advanced timer settings & warm essential oil vaporization in homes & offices to 550 square feet. An Advanced, Rechargeable Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser with Multiple Modes for Up to 72 hours of Essential Oil Vaporization on a Single Charge! Quietly & Cheaply Nebulizes Any Oil or Fragrance from The Bottle, Without Oil-Damaging Warming, for the Best Portable Stress Relief! Covers Up to 550 Sq Ft!
Many electric aromatherapy oil diffusers on the market leave much to be desired, with few options, ugly power cords, pads to replace, and some frankly without the best styling.  Stadler Form created Lea to be a more advanced, more attractive, and more functional portable essential oil vaporizer than any other.
Unlike many cheap electric aromatherapy diffusers that must stay plugged into an outlet, Stadler Form Lea is fully rechargeable, charges via any USB connection or wall outlet, and provides up to 72 hours of quiet, trouble-free portable essential oil vaporization. Now you can enjoy the best quality stress-relieving aromatherapy anywhere you want--even nebulize your favorite fragrances when you travel, in the car, in a hotel room, on a boat, anywhere!
One of Lea’s most important features is direct from the bottle vaporization.   Now, instead of having to constantly add oils to a warmer or a pad, just grab an essential oil bottle of your choice or make your own aromatherapy oil blend with the included bottle, place the bottle in the unit---and Lea will go for hours!  With Stadler Form Lea, you get hours of perfectly nebulized stress-relieving and healing aromas--without constant refilling or using pads like other portable electric nebulizers. And, since Lea isn't applying heat that damages your delicate essential oil molecular structure, you get the purest aromatherapy and best results possible from your treatments!
And, as your aromatherapy needs change, Stadler Form Lea can change with you!  Lea features 3 advanced modes of operation such as Daytime which automatically turns the vaporizer off at night, Continuous mode, or Interval mode (nebulize for 10 minutes, off for 20)—so you can get exactly the type and amount of essential oil diffusion you want, for the best results from your aromatherapy every time. And unlike many cheap electric diffusers, Lea uses only 3 watts for very low-cost aromatherapy!

One of the best reasons to choose Stadler Form Lea as your next essential oil vaporizer is the quality Swiss workmanship, known for advanced, high quality, long lasting products.  Plus, unlike a lot of electric nebulizers that only come in white or grey, this advanced portable aromatherapy diffuser comes in 4 non-slip finishes so you can choose the one that best matches your decor. And, those great looking colors have been bonded to the metal for a tough, scuff-resistant finish.
Try the Stadler Form Lea portable electric aromatherapy diffuser today and see for yourself what a difference an advanced, rechargeable essential oil vaporizer can make! At our online store, we have extremely low overhead which means the best cheap discount prices and fast, free shipping. Plus, we provide a 100% safe, secure checkout and expert customer service for as long as you own and use our products. If you have questions, just call our Information Hotline at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
This package includes:
1      Stadler Form Lea Aromatherapy Diffuser
1      Wall / USB Charger
3      Stadler Form Rechargeable AA Batteries
1      10 ml Empty Oil Bottle
1      12 month warranty

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Country of Origin Switzerland
Rated Power 5 watts
Power Output 3 watts
Sound Level <25 dba>
Dimensions 57mm x 202mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Complies with EU Regulations Yes, CE / WEEE / RoHS
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