Lead Screen Check
Lead Screen Check
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LEAD Screen Check

Now You Can Screen For Lead in Your Own Home! This Screen Check Detects Lead from Paint and Other Sources Instantly At Home With No Lab Analysis Costs or Delays!  Results in Seconds! Includes Package of Eight (8) Tests 

Instantly check for poisonous lead without equipment in any home, building, paint and virtually any surface with BHC’s D.I.Y. best 8-strip at home personal detection kit. 

Check for lead in:

 Plastic & metal toys - painted surfaces on toys, pet toys
 Fabrics all natural and man-made f i bers
 Paint chips, painted surfaces
 Pottery dishes, china, ceramic-ware, glass, leaded crystal
 Electronics, circuit boards & other industrial applications
 Children's Lunch Boxes Soil (garden, lawn & industrial)
 Dust renovation / construction dust & dirt
 Jewelry children’s / toy jewelry
 Solder Joints, plumbing, bath tub glazes
 Mini-blinds, furniture, antiques, food can seams, candle wicks
 Mexican Candy Cosmetic Make-up (lipstick, mascara)
 Pet Food Bowls & Pet Toys
 Baby Bibs & more!

It's Easy!  

1. CLEAN AREA: Clean the area of any dust or dirt.
2. INSERT A SWAB into the Indicator Vial
3. RUB: Gently rub the surface to be tested with the cotton swab tip for about 30-60 seconds. 

That's it!  If the surface or swab tip changes color, lead is present!

Lead Screen Check DIY Test Kits are:

Simple to use - Turns color to indicate the presence of lead  
Fast & Convenient - Simple to use. Results in seconds!
Inexpensive - No instruments or analysis required
Easy to interpret - Confirmation steps included in each kit

Order your LEAD Screen Check today and find out for sure if you or your family is in danger of lead poisoning or not!

This Package Includes:

Eight (8) Lead Screen Check Test Strips

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