Electrocorp Air Rhino 2000 Upright 18x24 Carbon
Electrocorp Air Rhino 2000 Upright 18x24 Carbon
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Electrocorp Air Rhino 2000 Upright 18x24 Carbon Air Cleaner

Powerful 1000 CFM Output and 100 lbs of Fume-Extracting Carbon!

Similar to its horizontal VS Carbon cousin, the Air Rhino 2000 Upright 18 x 24 Carbon is excellent industrial air purifier for commercial / industrial situations where heavy fumes, odors, and chemical vapors are an issue.

Includes a powerful, 100 lb special blend Vocarb carbon filter that effectively removes tough chemicals, vapors, and gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, hydrogen sulfide gas, and more from open air spaces, rooms, shops, warehouses, buildings and more.

This industrial air cleaner moves over 1000 cubic feet of air per minute, which will definitely help you meet OSHA regulations for the required number of complete indoor air changes. This fume extraction unit is EXCELLENT for:

  • sewage plants
  • manufacturing plants 
  • chemical labs
  • any other industrial or commercial situation where heavy odors or fumes are a problem.

  • 100 lb super odor and fume absorbing Vocarb Carbon Filter
  • 1" Wire-Frame Pre-filter
  • 1" Dust Filter at output to catch any carbon (charcoal) particles.
  • 1000 CFM delivered
  • Dimensions: 26" x 21" x 40"

12" Inch negative air flange, 10 W UV bulb for extra protection from mold spores, viruses, and bacteria.(call for 12" flange option)

Room Size
Filtration System 1". Pre-Filter, 1" Dust Filter, 18 X 24 X 11.5" Medical Grade pleated HEPA filter
Carbon Weight NA
HEPA 18 X 24 X 11.5 INS Medical Grade pleated HEPA filter
Surface Area of HEPA media 28,578 sq in
CFM 1000 delivered
Speed Variable
UV Lamp Available
Available Colors Galvanized Steel
Voltage 115/60 Hz or 230/ 60Hz
Amps 8.9 / 4.5
Cord Length 8 ft
Noise Level 55-75dBA
Maneuverability Small Footprint, Portable on Industrial 3 Ins wheels
Filter Access Side latch
Motor Details Centrifugal blower
Dimensions 26 x 21 x 40 INS. (L x W x H)
Shipping Weight Approx 160 lbs
Operating Weight 125 lbs
Number of Units on a Pallet 1
CSA/UL Listed Motor and Electrical Components
Overload Protection Yes
Manual Available Yes
Pressure Guage / Light Indicator Yes
Energy Star motor / blower / fan No
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